Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe

Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe


Everyday Circus WM-7484Three bands on a Wednesday night had the crowd ready to party in Cardiff tonight. Night of debuts for Everyday Circus, first time touring in U.K. and opportunity to showcase Mirror their new album. The set consisted mainly of tracks from a debut album and when joined together would be a thematic for a song – Falling, Sharing, Round and Round, Light, I’m Your Anchor and closing with Moving Along. This is a quartet that wants you to rock and at times had the feel and tone of early Nirvana. Everyday Circus the German band that was certainly warming up the stage with rock that engaged.


Federal Charm WM-7504Short break and the stage was re-set for the Mancuanian blues inspired rock band Federal Charm on their third visit to The Globe, having opened previously of for The Hoax and Rich Robinson. They certainly know how to pick entertaining acts to support on tour.  Federal Charm are excellent the foursome are fabulously tight weaving the essence of blues textures and tones into a rocky base. Tonight we heard a set that spiraled through their self-titled debut album and the latest album Across The Divide. Stand out tracks tonight were Hercules the first single from the album and Silhouette.  Federal Charm, once again charmed The Globe and Cardiff with their distinctively British sound. A band that always pleases and entertains with a compelling mix of two guitars, the clever use of slide and the interspersing of harmonica. Federal Charm rocks up the blues once again.


Tracer WM-7638Now for what we had been waiting for young Australian trio Tracer.  Water For Thirsty Dogs tour has seen Tracer delighting fans and making new followers at every venue they play, Cardiff tonight was no different. The boys from Adelaide’s first visit to Cardiff was an opportunity to hear the recorded sound we love, up close, personal and live. The lead vocals and guitar of Michael Brown is compelling, as he plays tracks that define Tracer and allow him to play a myriad of guitars opening the proceedings with a Gibson Flying V. The rhythm section gives him the base to soar, with Jett Heysen Hicks on bass and drummer Andre Wise taking the opportunity for moments in the spotlight.  The set list took us on a tour of the albums as we heard tracks from the current album Water For Thirsty Dogs and previous studio delights of Spaces In Between and Pistolero. There is a real synergy between the album’s tone and rocking energy that makes Tracer identifiably good. Yes there are influences a hint of Foo Fighters, Autoslave and Sound Garden, above all they are true to their own style of  rock with a grungy edge and occasionally weak lyrics. They are above all a rock band that invigorates, entertains and knows how to please the crowd. They had no problem in getting the Welsh crowd to sing the chorus on Only Animals and a couple more. Favourites Dead Garden, Wolf In Cheap Clothing and Devil Ride were included that the fans just never get tired of hearing, and tonight live at The Globe there was a rawness that galvanized the band on stage and had everyone loving the rock vibe that cut through the venue. All too soon it was encore time and closing with Astronaut and like all good gigs leaving you wanting more.  Tracer you are welcomed back in Cardiff anytime, with your brand of heavy metal that hits the spot. You all nailed it tonight, an affirmation once again recorded is very good but live a band will give you something more.


My only plea is for the Globe to get the sound right for the bands it is so loud that the bass and drums especially echoed with the sound dissipating into the rafters. Thus, the subtleties of the playing is lost somewhere in the rafters and some more lighting would ensure band members are not left playing in the dark.

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