CD Sales – Impact of falling sales

cd-dvd Over the past few weeks after my return from my recovery sabbatical in Cyprus I have been in conversation with many independent artists, small labels and promotional people. The one big topic is lack of CD sales, download sales…in fact any sales at all. Company’s like Spotify have falsely educated music loving people that the worth of music is non-existent. Like Sky & Virgin , you pay a monthly charge and all you want to see is available, the same for music. This has led to these on-line, cheap streaming companies to make fortunes at the expense of the musicians, labels and studios. The cost of producing a record has not dropped by 90% but the sales from selling music retail has. The big labels are either in league with the streaming companies or surely must be kicking themselves in the light of what our music market has become. The point of sale market is still working at concerts but this is not enough for the majority of artists to sustain a career where music supports them. We have devalued the worth of the musician, belittled the impact music has on everyday life, there is no need to ‘ collect ‘ a library of music that is important to the listener, a sound cloud has the biggest collection ever imagined and for a few pence a day you have access to it.
Answers to this important question are hard to fathom….heads around the world are being scratched and brows have become slightly sweaty with this problem.
Bringing the worth of music back on a level playing field has somehow to be achieved, we are and will be losing great writing and playing due to lack of a living income……the debate is open…..ideas are needed as our future is receding into a ‘ voice ‘ mentality, music is not a competition it’s a creative process that has in its history changed lives, opened minds to different ideas, touched and changed our emotions. Big Bluesdoodles thank you to Barry Marshall-everitt from House of Mercy Radio for this words of truth; make a difference buy a CD at a gig, festival or from your local shop today.

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