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The Bresnan Blues Band
Party In My Backseat


This is street level blues that is full of the angst and life shaping experiences of playing, creating and listening to music in an urban setting, this is city rather than country blues. Party In My Backseat is a collection of eight self-penned numbers that wend and wind themselves through the album mixing the tempo and tone with and some standout saxophone the perfect punctuation of sound. Opening with the title track with a western/country feel the driving beat holds your attention with echoes of JJ Cale, with its clever layers of sound that slip and slide across the speakers. Then we are ready to dance at the party with a swinging dance beat that is a fluid interplay between vocals, slide and Low Hanging Fruit certainly gets the energy raised and you feel like having fun!

Dan Bresnan is the heart and soul of the album his vocals pull the complexity of the layers of sound together and his multi-instrumental input means that the sound will always be interesting, this is a quartet that wants to be, and is, much more than guitar and voice. Emotionally Bankrupt demonstrates this with the lyrics exploring the emotions. The opening refrain from Reed on Saxophone on Darker Shade of Gray is sublime, with Dan’s vocals picking up the mood we are treated to eight minutes of a musical journey that pays homage in its form and shape to Pink Floyd but always stays original with the star the saxophone’s clarion call. The guitar played by Sean is at the fore in Dark Heart Rider giving the track a deep blue feeling with a melancholic calling from strings and voice. Love piercing saxophone echoed by guitar and then the picking up of a reggae beat then Blues Collector is the track for you, for me I felt the vocals didn’t reflect the reggae feel in this homage to the blues. Keeping with the blues the following track adds some Jazz and this is music easy on the ear suiting the whole band as No Way To Get There has the crooning lyrics that flow around the instrumentation that flows through your veins. Throughout the album there are tonal shapes and contours that feel like something you have heard before, this is transparent on We Ain’t Got None, it feels like a Dire Straits cover as the sound builds around the vocals and then the instrumentation that flows around the guitar.

Party In My Backseat is a well-produced album with some wonderful instrumentation, BUT for me there is something missing, is it raw energy, passion or that fact every track feels a bit contrived as they add in styles and influences to sum it up every track is good but there is no stand out track that sticks in your head that you have to return and explore again.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Behind The Wall
2. Dreaming Before Time
3. This Year
4. Same Old Self
5. All In Pieces
6. Picking At The Bone
7. Make A Wish
8. Don’t Need You Anymore
9. Another Round
10. Miles and Miles
11. Walk
12. Taking Up Time

Dan Bresnan: Vocals. Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ
Don ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson: Bass
Michael Reed: Saxophone
Bob Sellani: Drums

Additional musicians
Eric Williams: Piano (Tracks 2 & 6) Organ (Tracks 6 & ) Baritone Saxophone (Track 4 & 7) Harmonica (Track 1) Assorted Midi Programming
Lara Michelle: Backing Vocals
Sean Bresnan: Lead Guitar (Track 5)

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