CD Review: Willy Porter ~ Human Kindness

CD Review: Willy Porter ~ Human KindnessWilly Porter
Human Kindness
Weasel Records

Opening with a whistle and a cheerful sunny number Willy Porter brings Human Kindness to your musical repertoire, on the opening track Chippewa Boots. Why the title for Willy Porter’s latest album? It is an exploration of the nature of human kindness, the seed was sown for the project after Porter witnessed a man pulling a women out of the path of a bus. With this in mind Willy Porter has been inspired to launch a year-long campaign connected to the release of the album and tour, The Year Of Kindness, calling everyone to get involved in giving back to communities. Now back to the music, this is an album that brims over with positivity with the music full of textures of American music, little bit blue, country but above all songwriting and delivery of the song that is honest and wraps around you like a giant hug. The supporting cast on the album are talented artists that include Martin Barre, Natalia Zuckerman, Carme Nickerson and Peter Mulvey. The guitar work on all of the track is crisp and contoured this is highlighted on the title track where the instrumentation gently folds itself around the lyrics creating a poem set to music a true troubadour in action. This is a twelve track album that is like walking with the artist, Walking With The Man is stripped down to a walking beat and delivered with a rasping vocal that tell the tale and once again the instrumentation is just perfectly formed. After this we are treated to horns that are full of warmth on A Love Like This as the tempo goes up and this is a pop dance tone that certainly gets the feet tapping. We are now on the tracks on a journey, the pace is that of the railway, and the vocals gentle on This Train, ending the album with Roses in The Rain once again feet are tapping, fingers are clicking and the fiddle adds the glimpse of sunshine behind the clouds as you give Roses in The Rain. It is reminiscent of the style of Paul Simon as the album finishes with a true American sound Willy Porter has created an album that will be listened to again that is for sure.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


1. Chippewa Boots
2. Elouise
3. Human Kindness
4. Constellation
5. Walking With The Man
6. A Love Like This
7. Freedom
8. This Train
9. My Bird Can Sing
10. Try To Forget
11. Roses In The Rain

Willy Porter touring UK October 2015 for these dates and the rest of the tour through Europe and beyond click HERE

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