CD Review: Tristan Mackay ~ Wire and Wood


Tristan Mackay
Wire and Wood
Battered Hat Records

Tristan Mackay’s second album Wire and Wood builds on the success that this talented, charismatic singer song writer has been achieving since in 2010 when he was discovered busking by Grammy award-winning producer Martin Leavan. Since that life-changing day he has gathered around him friends in the music industry and a phalanx of fans ensuring that when crowd funding for this album he raised twelve thousand pounds in two weeks.

Wire and Wood the title shows how the guitar is an extension of his soul, the instrument is part of his body, and he uses it as the instrument to emotionally support and enhance is melodic tenor vocals.

He has been compared to Mark Knopfler, John Myer and Jeff Buckley, the reality is this is a young independent man who is ploughing his own style and it is a furrow that you will want to follow. Every track on the album is powerful, not in a loud way but as a message that fits many a mood and is a gentle tonic to the trouble, stressed or worried mind. The title track Wire and Wood is about a battered loved, and cherished acoustic guitar and like many tracks on the album can be heard whenever you get out and see entertaining soft spoke Tristan live. Black Sheep has a cheeky guitar intro, we all have been naughty at times but it is Tristan who can encapsulate falling off the family tree into a melodic song full of gentleness and that honesty gained from acknowledging what we have all done in the past.

Ending the album with Lullaby For Layla, is perfect with its gentle goodnight in this soothing song encapsulating in under two minutes that raw emotion of overwhelming love that he has for his new born daughter.

My favourite track is A Kind of Blue, with its jazz undertones thanks to brushing up the jazz on the drums and an intimate atmosphere is created so that you feel he is singing just for you. This is the track that you just want to sit back, take a sip of a drink and let the sound which is dipped in musical honey sooth the stresses of the day away.

Tristan is a wordsmith, the lyrics are poetry in their own right the guitar accompaniment adds that living dimension like a river flowing through your veins so that you really connect to this true singer/songwriter who crosses the spectrum of music the bottom line is it is very, very good and speaks to you on very many levels.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
You Win Again
I’ll Be Your’s Tonight
If I Told You
Wire & Wood
The Wine & Me
A Kind Of Blue
Black Sheep
Two Of A Kind
This Old Heart
Lullaby For Layla

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