CD Review – The Lily – Layla Zoe

The Lily by Layla Zoe – Cable Cars records released 30th August 2013
From the very first note sung by Layla Zoe I was enthralled, drawn into the music, making the hairs on the back-of my neck stand up from the first Hallelujah sung with such raw emotion. This is an album where Layla’s vocals are Queen spelling out the strong lyrics producing an intricate palette of sounds with layers of meaning and emotions entwined into the package. This is supported by the sympathetic musical accompaniment of Henrik Freischlader on guitars, Bass, drums and Backing vocals and also from Henrik’s band Moritz Furhop on Hammond Organ.

Layla Zoe sings with confidence and delivers an album that improves every time you listen and it is such that you want to listen again and again as each of the tracks provides a contrast to the others. The Lily is an intense, soulful track in which the words are sung like a rock prayer with lines such as ‘Angels will sing and dance and sway to the blues on my funeral day’, that flow with the consummate guitar playing of Henrik Frieschlader. The track, ‘I Choose You’ has a powerful intro and is more rocky in its approach and the voice drops an octave while more heart rendering lyrics of finding life and hope after drugs and drink, finding sweetness. Despite the often dark words, and experiences remembered, the grieving and the acceptance of death this is an album that provides hope with the blues that makes you want to reach for re-birth. This is spiritual blues that is reflected in the opening gospel track of ‘Glory, Glory Hallelujah’. This is an album produced with thought, love and care delivered by two superb musicians who what to convey the blues to you and they certainly achieve this. Every track is a little bit special but the flower at the centre of the bouquet is the stellar track of the album, it is a difficult if not impossible task that Henrik and Layla have set themselves to better ‘The Lily’.

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Listen and buy – and hopefully Layla will be touring the U.K. very soon.

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