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boomThe Boom Band
Deluxe Edition
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New tracks and refreshed tracks are the essence of this glorious super group creation of an album that has a combined energy of a quartet of guitarists and a shining pianist that has been distilled into a stylish debut album. The first thing that you notice is the quality of presentation the booklet with lyrics and photographs, the clean cover design it has all the excitement of a vinyl package, thought and care has gone in to the design and this is not a mask of style over substance as the music definitely delivers from beginning to end. The Deluxe version starts and ends with the same track We Can Work Together, the two different versions encase that glories of the album and the individual talents of the musicians who came together to share the music with us as The Boom Band. The album is like an abstract watercolour of sound that cascades over your ears and enters your musical consciousness; with every phrase from the multitude of guitarists, all of the piano notes and the variations in vocal tones and shades a musical picture is developed that changes form, colour and light with every track. The music is a mix of Southern Rock, Blues, Rock n’ Roll and Country these influences are the brush strokes that give the album form and the musicians create the imagery.

The opening track is a medley of sounds that is an opening statement that is a perfect hook which makes you listen to the rest with some sizzling guitar breaks, vocal tones and the piano from Paddy Milner. The tempo changes as the distinctive deep and full baritone of Marcus showcases a version of his Diamonds In The Rust, exciting background of electric guitar but as ever Marcus’ vocals are king and this is a bold picture of blues that will get the musical juices flowing ready for the next track. A full sound Under The Skin is electric guitar wizardry with that full sound of the organ giving the form; this is exciting music that the four – yes four – guitarists have produced, it works as they give each other space and is not a competition of who can out gun each other on the six-strings. Delivered by Jon Amor, Moonshine has a different feel and is typical of his solo work such as Stories From The Crooked Room, this is a track that is poetry with a dark edge. His voice is perfect for this delivery as his tongue wraps around and spits out the words full of lyrical beauty. Monty’s Theme is back with sharp electric guitar with stylish licks in the intro that float around the room before the shape changes again in this instrumental that has a keyboard lead break rather than guitar; it is an experiment in tonal colour that works from the tips of your fingers to the souls of your feet as you pick up the infectious beat and tap it out. Matt Taylor’s Red Eye Devil is country blues and is the last of the of the main tracks and has a gravelly bass line that allows the shape of the instruments to curl round and spark off like the light through the prism on the cover of the album as Matt lays down the vocals.

The last four tracks are acoustic from The Boom Guitars and have a vitality as Marcus takes the vocal lead on this traditional number arranged by them, Nobody’s Fault But Mine and the answering vocal chorus gives this well-loved and covered song a new lease of life. The penultimate track You Can Bring Me Flowers is Jon in his glory as he takes us through the tale with acoustic guitar that drives the music along giving the track a pace. Finishing with an acoustic version of the opening track we are brought a full circle the story is told the pictures painted and the exciting project that is The Boom Band has delivered a glorious debut album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track List

1.We Can Work Together
2.Diamonds in the Rust
3.Under the Skin
4.Sweet Alberta
6.Waste My Time
7.Monty’s Theme
8.Favour Bank Shuffle
9.When You Come Home
10. Red Eye of the Devil
Extra Acoustic Tracks
11.Nobody’s Fault But Mine
12.Can’t Find My Way Home
13.You can Bring Me Flowers
14.We Can Work Together

Band Members
Jon Amor (Vocals & Guitar)
Marcus Bonfanti (Vocals & Guitar)
Mark Butcher (Vocals & Guitar)
Paddy Milner (Vocals, Hammond Organ & Piano )
Matt Taylor (Vocals & Guitar)

Steve Rushton (Vocals & Drums)
Scott Wiber (Bass)

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