CD Review: The Black Tongued Bells ~ Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell

The Black Tongued Bells - Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell - (CD COVER)

The Black Tongued Bells
Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell

Many an album then there are the emails with a link that arrive at Bluesdoodles; some are a disappointment, many are interesting BUT Every Tongue Has A Tale To Tell, the debut album of Los Angeles based band The Black Tongued Bells was a delight. The musical journey the album takes you includes all the influences of Rock n Roll recorded on a modern rock blues album, it is a cocktail for your musical taste buds. Explore the tracks as they roll by with roots, rock, blues, soul and gospel not a cacophony of styles , these have been mixed with a musical black magic resulting in a sound that is a true pleasure. The album is jam-packed with creativity and free-thinking approaches to their music. The result is an earthy sound that shapes and then breaks the mould to create a sound that is in your face and authentic, with steamy guitar work, awesome vocals and a percussive force that makes you take notice. The baritone vocals are delivered by the band’s guitarist D. Miner has timbre that appears to have been soaked in bourbon to quench the fire in his throat resulting in at times a smooth mellowness as he sings the lyrics other times raw emotion.

The fourteen tracks spread across the music of the USA, opening with a funky number that pulls you down down deep into the tones and musical textures that epitomizes the band, Comin Back For More is certainly prophetic because this is an album I will keep revisiting.

We have a slower tempo as the tale unfolds of the long road ahead until we reach the Pearly Gates, with some fine guitar playing creating a long winding road on Long Way To Go. Kingbee Jam is a Rock N Roll number that would have delighted the teenagers and scared the adults back in the days; the music has a high rev danger pulsating through every beat. The version of Merle Travis Land, Sixteen Tons is finger clicking good.

Ending with Hello Misery with the chatting in the background we have a live number we are now truly in the Juke Joint, with a bluesy number that rocks with attitude and the howling horns and she sucks me like a vampire… We are deep in the bayou with this classy closing track with another welcome for Mary Stuart’s vocals this is a great number to close the album leaving you wanting to hear more.

The Black Tongued Bells refuse to be categorised and have distilled the finest licks, riffs, phrasing and approaching of American music since recordings began… To quote their website the band has created in the album Every Tongue has a Tale to Tell “Gothic-Gospel Juju anyone?” This is an album that deserves your attention.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

The Bells CD Insert and Tracklist

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