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T Rogers – Simple Life –

This self-published gem of an album from Hungarian band T.Rogers is a breath of fresh air with the feel of good solid blues music, which knows no boundaries and refuses to be boxed in. They deliver on every track, whether one of the nine self-penned tracks or the two covers ‘Angelina’ featuring Keb’ Mo’ and Elmore James, ‘It Hurts Me Too’ . Simple Life is an album that is a great introduction to this band a lively six-piece band from Budapest who weave the sounds of the individual instruments into a timeless tapestry of sound with Ferci’s vocals adding some contour and texture. All the tracks are sung in English by Ferci Kovacks and yes there is an accent adding in my opinion to the tonal range and ensures the sound is a little bit different so that they will stand out of the crowd. There name is a play on the Hungarian word “troger”, meaning basically someone with a relaxed attitude towards life, who likes to enjoy each and every day and this attitude is reflected back in the music they deliver. There is no doubt that this is blending of electric and acoustic traditional driving blues beats with a swirl of European rock blues. The opening track ‘Far and Slow’ has a great introduction that makes you want to pick up your bags and join T.Rogers on the musical road trip they will take you on for the next 50 minutes, so kick of your shoes and let the music create a buzz and take you down by the delta. You will be treated to a little bit of country and a dollop of Rock on ‘Gotta Go’; whilst ‘Angelina’ has a Country feel due to the resonator and the harmonising between Keb’ Mo’ and Ferci. The title track has a balladic quality about it with the stripped down acoustic and the haunting harp that accentuates the slow lyrics, for 6 minutes you are on a sunny day watching a lazy river flow by.
Simple Life is an accomplished album that should see T.Roger’s profile rising like a Blue Star across Europe and I expect these tracks to be heard on the plethora of radio shows as T Rogers delivers a Blues cocktail of sound that reflects the listening demands of the twenty-first century blues lover, with music playing homage to the past but not set in a genre aspic jelly but free flowing and intertwining styles and textures to make the listening trip exciting and leaving you wanting to hear a little bit more.
The band is a complete unit made up from a laid back team – T. Rogers are:-
Trodgers2 (Custom)
Béla Baráth (drums); Stewart Hay (harmonica); Ferci Kovács (guitar,vocal)
Pál Sturmann (guitar); Zsolt Szatai (bass); Vince Széll (percussion).

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