CD Review – Samantha Fish – Black Wind Howlin'

Ruf Records have done it again with a thunderous CD from Samantha Fish, Black Wind Howlin’Samantha Fish

From the fist rocking along guitar chord you know that Samantha and her guitar are going to take you on a bluesy rockin’ journey that is going to be fun. This is an up-beat, up-tempo CD that brightens the mood and make you want to party. Samantha Fish achieves this with a compelling blend of strong guitar licks, melodic vocals and lyrics that blend and strength the package. The stormy title of “Black Wind Howlin’” certainly sets the tone and your are in for a stormy ride throughout the 12 tracks that are all classic guitar slinger driven blues; the CD works so well due to Samantha’s clear vocals every word articulated with a clarity that matches the skill of the guitar . The combination of both in one musician is not found that often. ‘Miles To Go’ the opener that I am sure we can all relate to when there is still miles to go and the clock is against you; ‘Sucker Born’ has a swagger and a twist of country woven into the vocals that work so well when combined with head banging guitar work. This is not a one style fits all; she has produced an album with the collaboration of Mike Zito that covers all the bases with the balladry of Over To You and the definite country strum seen in ‘Last September’. This is most definitely a high voltage guitar driven CD that acknowledges that the vocals, and percussion all play an important role to make the whole, and the result is an example where the sum of the complete album is definitely greater that the talents if the individuals involved in making this a stormy blues album as demonstrated by the powerful duet on ‘Go To Hell’, with Mike Zito joining in on the party with guitars and voice doing battle this is my favourite track, or is it… in fact it could be any one of the twelve depending on my mood. This is Southern Rock Blues, a little bit mean, a little bit country and definitely a huge dollop of rock blues creating a weather vane of sound as the wind changes direction and the tonal range shifts. This is a class album delivered by a classy act.

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