CD Review: Sam Lewis ~ Waiting On You

Sam Lewis - 'Waiting On You' - cover (300dpi)


Sam Lewis
Waiting On You
Brash Music

Release Date 11th September 2015


From the first to the last note Sam Lewis has created for his second album, Waiting On You full of country music with soul, that is delicate, upbeat and very listenable as he churns up the emotions and harnesses the inherent energy of music! 3/4 Time opens the album with a smile as you click into the tempo and tune into the vocals that are smooth as cream poured over luscious strawberries kissed with the summer’s warmth. The title track is a quieter more thoughtful song given texture by the delights of The McCrary Sisters as backing vocals and the percussive beat of the drums acting as punctuation to the lyrics. The beat changes with Things Will Never Be The Same; the tempo has an urgency as the words cascade off Sam’s silver tongue and the catchy vocals will make this track a favourite for the radio DJ’s I am sure. The Acoustic guitar has a clarity and the blues is melded with the country rift giving a deep rooted feel to the music, there is a feeling of being forlorn but still fighting and this tension is accompanied by the piano keys picking out the mood as he is seen Reinventing The Blues.  Closing the album with Coming Home, sums up the album a feeling that this is music that is warm and safe. Sam is easy going will never frighten the audiences and his appeal will be wide as he crosses into a mainstream sound. What saves the album from just being nice is the clever instrumentation and arrangements as Sam has invited a wide range of Nashville’s finest including Darrell Scott (Steve Earle, Guy Clark, Robert Plant) who’s haunting lap-steel on Never Again is awesome, harmonica legend Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Neil Young), keyboardist Gabe Dixon (Paul McCartney, Supertramp), and Nashville’s favourite vocal group, The McCrary Sisters (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, etc.). This gives the album a depth of tone as the lexicon of country is explored this is a second album that will get Sam Lewis heard as his voice and musical integrity shine through and the album becomes a listen again favourite.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Sam Lewis - 'Waiting On You' (front & back cover)

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