CD Review: Robin Trower ~ Something’s About To Change

RobinRobin Trower
Something’s About To Change
Manhaton/V12 Records
Release Date 9th March 2015

Opening, with the title track, from the first enticing slurred note it is Robin’s appetite for producing superlative guitar licks and riffs combined with Chris Taggart on Drums that purr the beat out in the back ground creating the perfect storm for the guitar to build its melodies on this opening track and the lyrics sung by Robin add another layer of brooding gruffness – what a start.

By the third Track Riff No.7 (Still Alive) I was hooked on the sound being produced and realized that the funky bass line was also being played by Robin Trower on this track full of colour little sparkling gems of notes and a real funk/blues texture. The next track is a complete change of mood and tempo with a slow purifying sound from vocals through to the organ interludes as Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds narrative unfolds in the intense and moody delivery of the lyrics that are reflected in the emotional out pouring from his Fender.

An upbeat tempo on The One Saving Grace is a ray of light through dark clouds and this is a song that is about a saving grace and the lead break is superb and the little guitar interludes between the lyrics are simply inspired. Snakes and Ladders is full of mellow fruitfulness taking the pace down again; and there is nothing like the children’s game in the gamut of feelings and hopes dashed as the story is told.

The closing track ‘Til I Reach Home is full of stylish and languid guitar work that leaves you in a very special place as you savour the tones and sounds that are the trade mark of Robin as the track deliciously winds itself around the melodies and the journey of six minutes is delightful. The whole album has been produced so that in the gaps between the lyrics there is room for Robin to explore the six strings and he has produced a stellar performance of slow guitar driven blues that fit the groove and build into fully fledged guitar solos. He celebrates the glory of the electric guitar on this fine album with every emotion strung into every string and manipulated to cry laugh and sing by Robin Trower as he celebrates his 70th birthday by delivering this album as a present to every fan out there and touring the U.K. TOUR DATES

Bluesdoodles gives this CD Nine doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Something’s About to Change
2. Fallen
3. Riff No.7 (Still Alive)
4. Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds
5. Good Morning Midnight
6. What You Never Want TO Do
7. Strange Love
8. Gold To Grey
9. The One Saving Grace
10. Snakes and Ladders
11. Up and Gone
12. ‘Til I reach Home

Robin Trower: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chris Taggart Drums
Luke Smith: Organ

The much anticipated Robin Trower tour during March/April throughout the U.K. with special guest Joanne Shaw Taylor


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