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treepackaRiotous Brothers
The Tree

The third album from The Riotous Brothers, The Tree, is an album with nine original tracks that have been written with a dash of panache and the intention of exposing the talents of the band members.  The Tree starts with Now More Than Ever and Honey Not Vinegar, which does have the hint of what’s to come with some fabulous keyboards from Paul. Nonetheless they are both fairly standard Rock with a tinge of blues; then the album takes off as the band seems to find their groove and confidence and decide to show the diversity of sound they can and will share with you via the recording studio.

In the centre of the album are a pair of stylish tracks, starting with the slower tempo and a rawer edge on Me and You; this is about vocals interacting to become another instrument in the mix with the harmonica playing from guest Paul Jones lifts this track to the stratosphere of listening pleasure. Followed by Something’s Got To Give with its divine piano, guitar and vocals there is soul in the lyrics that connect to your musical intelligence. This is followed by the most commercial track on the album Cigarettes with its pop driven beats and melody line so easy to hum.

The Tree is full of branches as the tracks of a  diverse sound, blues, soul pop and rock, the album works why because deep in the roots of the tree is some wonderful musicianship the quality of the guitar work from Mash, Piano from Paul and a rhythm section that drives the beat on.  At all times the blossom on The Tree are the powerful vocals that add that dimension needed if the lyrics are to be heard.

If you are looking for a groove that is soulful and full of emotions captured in the lyrics, vocals and the harmonising accompaniment this is really showing that this is a band with more than a touch of class, then the third album The Tree from The Riotous Brothers will hit the right spot.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch



Band Members

Mash Sonnet: guitar & vocals
Paul Long: keyboards & vocals
Matt Lake: bass
Dirk Maggs: drums



1. Now More Than Ever
2. Honey Not Vinegar
3. Me And You
4. Second Time Around
5. Fever
6. Something’s Got To Change
7. Cigarettes
8. Memory Of Our Love
9. Proving Too Hard
10. I Wanna Know

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