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Matt Edwards
Four Berry Jam



This is an album full of taste and texture that a quality Four Berry Jam from a Women’s Institutes stall would be, sharp and sweet richly red in colour full of hidden depths the mix is of twelve original compositions definitely hit your musical taste buds. Opening the album with a sharp guitar lick Behind The Wall with Matt’s vocals the whole sound is reminiscent of early Oli Brown. The opening track is proclaiming this is a band that should be heard far and wide. With a strong rhythm section of regular drummer Andy Norris and the effervescent bassist Roger Inniss Matt knows he has the platform to explore his vocal and guitar delivery. There is a feeling of funkiness as we hit the second track Dreaming of A Time Before, now intrigued by what will unfold through the rest of the album.
The change of styles, funk, rock, ballads does not make the album feel it is jumping from one style to another to add some difference, the tracks link together with the vocals and guitar style that is a consistent tour-de-force throughout the album; the style changes emphasize the depth of the tracks and add to the lyrics. This Year picks up the tempo and we hear and foot stomping rocky number that has some great drumming from Andy, whereas the bass comes to the fore and we hear Roger step up the power in the laid back blues ballad Same Old Self which is the perfect foil to the vocals that have a yearning power. Half way through and the strength of the album is evident with Picking at The Bone pulling back to urban blues roots deep in the heart of Chicago; can the quality be maintained over the next six tracks I will give you an early clue… YES. With the electro edgy intro the guitar picks up and wails through Don’t Need You Anymore and then the story unfolds with the vocals who soar above the guitar but never in competition. Miles and Miles is an upbeat groove that borrows some Jazzy licks that flows and ebbs as the tempo ebbs and flows. The closing track Taking Up Time has an acoustic feel and leaves you with Matt’s vocals swirling round your head; this is an album that celebrates the diversity of musical tones and creates a groove that is sweet and sharp; pure and complex and above all entertains.

The timing throughout the album is pinpoint sharp with lots of engaging instrumentation full of blues, rhythm and soul; if you are expecting Blues with an edge that is not full of well-worn grooves and formulaic riffs then Four Berry Jam will satisfy.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Behind The Wall
2. Dreaming Before Time
3. This Year
4. Same Old Self
5. All In Pieces
6. Picking At The Bone
7. Make A Wish
8. Don’t Need You Anymore
9. Another Round
10. Miles and Miles
11. Walk
12. Taking Up Time

Band Members
Matt Edwards: Guitar/Vocals
Andy Norris: Drums
Roger Inniss: Bass Guitar

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