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Blues In My Bones
MCD Records

The album title is one-hundred percent apt as the collection of 10 classic songs that ooze the blues from every note has and added layer of pure blue by the artistic interpretation by Mākuini, (pronounced Mā Queenie, meaning White Queen) she is definitely a Blues Queen. There is a seductive quality to her vocals and timings that shout out the Mississipi Delta, as demonstrated on ‘Born on The Bayou’ with the hypnotic blues beat that opens with the Hammond organ that draws you in, and then the voice weaves it spell and you are ‘Chasin’ down a hoodoo there’. In reality it is another river thousands of miles away, Whanganui River, in the rural village of Jerusalem, New Zealand.
Her band provides the perfect soundboard for her melodic voice with very instrument used at the right place augmenting the lyrics and emotions of the ten classics. Every track is delivered with a precision and clarity. This is a singer that is at top of her profession, reflecting the years of performing on stages and in shows. The album at times seems to lack that emotion that makes a blues song that little bit special as the artiste surprises you as they go off-piste but keep the integrity of the song. This I feel is most apparent on ‘I would Rather Go Blind’ it is beautifully sung with sublime instrumentation but it lacks something – you want MaKuini to open up and share all that emotion. That said this is an album that you want to listen to again and it does encapsulate the Blues, my personal favourites are ‘Don’t Start Me Talkin’ where you feel you get to know MaKuini a little bit more and love the Hammond organ interlude and the last track ‘Rock Me Baby’ which does leave you wanting to hear more of the talented MaKuini and I for one am looking forward to hearing the music live and her next album as more classics are given the Makuini treatment.

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Band Members are :-
Sarge Frampton – Guitars
Paul Burgess – Drums
George Glover – Keyboards
Wayne Morgan – Bass Guitar
Dave Boraston – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Steve Parry – Sax, Trombone, Hammond* At Last
Christelle Berthon – Harmonica
Melanie Winters – Percussion

Track Listing (Writer Credits in brackets)

1. At Last (Mack Gordon – Harry Warren)
2. The Blues Is My Business (Todd Cerney – Kevin Bowie)
3. Born on the Bayou (John Fogerty)
4. Don’t Start Me Talkin (Sonny Boy Williamson)
5. Drivin Wheel (Roosevelt Sykes)
6. Hush Hush (Jimmy Reed)
7. I Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster)
8. I Just Want to Make Love to You (Willie Dixon)
9. I’d Rather Go Blind (Ellington Jordan – Billy Foster)
10. Rock Me Baby (Melvin Jackson – B B King)

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