CD Review: Lisa Mills ~ I’m Changing re-mix

LISA-MILLS Im changingLisa Mills
I’m Changing re-mix

This is an album that you really will want to keep listening to for the quality of Lisa’s voice shines out on every track as she puts her own blues and hill country influences into the words she sings. More important than the influences and nuances is how she shapes the notes so that they cry out to you; Lisa really does use her voice as a musical instrument everything else plays second fiddle to the vocals.

It is second time around for this album originally released in 2005, I’m Changing has been re-recorded and re-engineered and reconsidered to make an album that will stay top of your play list for a long time as every one of the twelve tracks have the magical sparkle of the effervescent Lisa Mills and is a sparkling diamond of an album. With Ian Jennings on double bass and the core band from the original offering of I’m Changing keeping the tones authentic as they re-shape the tracks.

Opening with Better Than This, we hear the first of the ten self-penned numbers with her the vocals standing out. The title track, follows I Need Sunshine that is a favourite at live performances with its upbeat tempo that brings sunshine into any occasion and I’m Changing is a contrast with Lisa’s voice taking on a calmer approach with a yearning almost trance like quality, the fiddle echoes the yearning tones and we know that the words are anything but gentle but full of emotional uncertainty a number made more powerful by the understated delivery by Lisa Mills on her acoustic guitar and that wonderful voice that draws you in.

Eyes So Blue with a Latin beat that adds shade to this country tune with some stylish guitar and that voice that smiles at you as she sings Eyes So Blue, just makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance and swirl around the room.

We have Lisa singing a capella on Tell Me with a gospel inflection to the vocals allowing her voice to be the instrument it is full of colour, sometimes pure as a songbird other times the complete contrast with a gruff almost dissonant tone.

With two covers given the Lisa treatment is the later stages of the album firstly, old country blues full of Corky Hughes stylish resonator guitar that sets the atmosphere for a sultry Lisa who summons up time gone past, dirt tracks and sunshine with her personal rendition of R.L. Burnside’s I Wish I Was Heaven Sitting Down. Then we have last on the album a number often heard when Lisa appears live on stage, Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing, the longest track on the album and a fitting finale to an album that allows Lisa to shine with her unique voice that is tempered in fire and showing the power of this number as she strips away the song to let it’s soul shine through.

Every one of us who have the privilege to listen and own this album should personally thank the people who contributed to the Kickstart campaign and let the fresh air in and allow Lisa to re-shape the album as she herself envisaged the results are perfect.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


1. Better Than This
2. I Don’t Want To Be Happy
3. Sunshine
4 I’m Changing
5. Eyes So Blue
6. Shake It
7. Tell Me
8. I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down
9. Rain In Summertime
10. Take My Troubles
11. The Truth
12. Little Wing

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