CD Review: Kopecky ~ Drug for the Modern Age



Release date 8th June 2015


Kopecky, the condensed new name of the Kopecky Family Band, the Tennessee six-piece are back with a second studio album Drug For A Modern Age and follow up to 2012 debut Kids Raising Kids; the continuity can be found in Konrad Snyder as they team up with the producer/engineer once again. The band has gone through many changes since 2012 and have experienced a mixed roller-coaster ride of sorrow and happiness this is reflected in the writing of the dozen tracks they have included in the final mix. This is an album that has underneath the melodic, catchy dance beat some serious lyrics about living in the here and now with all its complexities, and the album title Drug for a Modern Age says Gabe “… is we’re all trying to find the drug that helps us through life and deal with pressures and challenges that almost everyone in our generation faces. Whether it’s love or real connection or even an actual drug, we’re all looking for something that makes us feel like we’re a part of something good and meaningful”.

The music is catchy, full of punchy full chords that leads you into the lyrics that are ballads and are about love and the shadows that this emotion creates and changes our life and perceptions. Quarterback has an infectious melody this is music that connects and makes you smile; the chorus is memorable and you are humming and singing along it feels like a song and theme you have known forever. Throughout the album there is a vibrancy the music is sparkling like champagne, full of joie de vivre as the tracks spin through the universe of your music world there are moments where the anthem rules full of crescendo’s and swirls of passion other tracks are slower cooled down and then there is the variation of vocal tones with tracks with the lead singer changing to suit the emotion of the lyrics. Kopecky are melodic rock creating their own distinctive musical shape and form as they artfully blend keys, horns and guitars with the power of a rhythm section that drives the beat forward to a destination somewhere to be found in the music’s narrative. We have the classic tale of the break-up in Closed Doors a ballad that is charged with lyrics hooked onto a guitar that is almost other-worldly creating that feeling of displacement when the break-up leaves your reality shattered.

Natural Selection is slower, rhythmic and has a darker feel it is a track that wants to be taken seriously and then we are taken to a glade of light as the notes pour out and the beat picks up; the selection is natural and that this is music of the modern age. Ending with the title track the opening is strung out and has an urgency and the album’s journey is complete with a mix of despair, determination and a glimmer of hope.

Kopecky are a mix of what has gone before the tone and shape has a familiarity a dollop of Fleetwood Mac and a swirl of Steely Dan above all they are themselves as they interchange the instruments they are playing and share the music they create. The album is well constructed and has a melodic chirpiness that makes you smile, clap your hands and dance with the volume turned up; but above all else you want to listen to the lyrics and the beat that engages your music soul.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Kelsey Kopecky Vocals/Keyboards/Bass
Gabe Simon Vocals/ Guitar / Horns
Steven Holmes Guitar/Lap Steel Guitar
Corey Oxendine Bass/Guitar/Horns
Markus MidKiff Cello/Guitar/Keyboards
David Krohn Drums

Listen to Quarterback:

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