CD Review: King King ~ Reaching For The Light

King KIng Album

King King
Reaching For The Light
Manhaton Records
Release Date 6th May 2015

The anticipation around the latest album Reaching For The Light from this award-winning on form British Blues Band had been immense at Bluesdoodles headquarters, and like the opening track Hurricane it hit the player straight away and the office was filled with the warm bluesy sound of Alan Nimmo’s guitar and voice we had a little bit of King King to listen to every day.

The guitar work is sizzling hot blasting through full of tone and texture with Wayne Proctor’s drumming giving the track the driving force of energy that a storm brings and the harmonization of the chorus was delivered softly. Hurricane is a storm bringer of delight setting the scene for the whole album of nine self-penned numbers co-written by King King. This is not an album that relies on an individual it is a collective of searing, imaginative individuals whose collaboration produces a sound that is modern, as it curls and shapes around the melodies, licks and lyrics whilst being deeply rooted in the tradition of electric blues. The beat is driving thanks to the rhythm section throughout with bass from Lyndsay Coulson and Wayne’s drumming. As displayed on Waking Up where the vocals of Alan impart the meaning and his guitar provides the hook for voice and rhythm by now you are in the groove then you have the wonderful Hammond Organ from Bob Fridzema and know this is an album that you will want to listen to as the complete item over and over again. Half-way through you hit Crazy opening with a surreal rocky hard edge feel full of drama as Bob picks up the chords on the Hammond and you know what is coming that warm honey dipped vocals of Alan he sings with a smile and every note is shared with the instrumentation, this is no battle but a band that wants you to listen and go Crazy for the music they are delivering in the studio and on stage. They may sing you drive me crazy… for me it is a sound that is at the heart of Twenty-first Century blues, roll over the past kings you have had your time in the limelight, this is the band that is picking up the torch left by the Yardbirds and guitarist such as Clapton and bringing guitar driven electric blues to the world.
The album is no one-trick style and tempo the mood is slowed down and reflective with Lay With Me Tonight complete with its musical lyricism and controlled and yearning passion. The guitar & keyboard intro of Take A Look shows another dimension of this band that has found the key to balanced musicianship, enthusiasms and the power to entertain and delight your musical soul, this is a track that gives you goosebumps and shivers down your spine. All too soon the album is on the final track, Stranger To Love, the opening is the power of the band playing together that is the perfect platform for Alan Nimmo to layer on another layer of sound with his vocals that curl around your emotions and pull you into the music.

King King have nailed it with this album of platinum proportions, I wish the music could go on and on but sadly all magnificent things have to come to an end, until they are back on the road again which will be soon the album is the next best thing Alan Nimmo and King King whenever and wherever you want to hear blues that really are Reaching For The Light.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Bought the album, live dates check out Reaching For The Light Autumn U.K. tour HERE

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