CD Review: Joe Satriani ~ Shockwave Supernova


Joe Satriani
Shockwave Supernova
Sony Music –Release Date Friday 24th July 2014

Opening with the title track the drumming combined with Joe’s guitar spins and cascades you deep into the swirling energy of a Supanova as the shockwave of pleasure stirs up your music vibe. This is an album where the notes and the shaping of tone tell the tale there is no need for words as colours, shapes and forms develop in your musical mind whilst the beat unfolds. Joe Satriani is a troubadour of the guitar with the notes collected together and spat out in a way that forms the poetry. This is a rock album full of textures twists and turns it is where contemporary collides with classic on Crazy Joey the guitar is more harpsichord and baroque than rock, then in comes the pounding rhythm section with the bass from Bryan Beller and the drumming beat provided by Marco Minnenann creating between them pure electric guitar thrills and we are rocking, then harpsichord guitar again; it is like travelling through time and space. Your consciousness opens up and realities fade away. The sound hits you with a surging wall of electric energy as the tempo picks up and you are twisting and turning through the clouds of time and space as if On Peregrine Wings. If a raptor wrote rock this is how they would want to be perceived, through the harmonies between Satriani and Mike Kenelly on keys. The upbeat melodic flow of San Fransico Blue is immaculate with its recurring riffs and licks that make you want to party with its feel good narrative or if partying is too energetic after the adventures of the first half of the album it works just as well sat back and relaxing as the music shapes your mood; you can create the story to suit your mood it is time-out zone from space and Sci-fi. The theme is soon re-established with the stylish Keep On Movin’ the purity of the guitar over the drums is like seeing the sun through the cloud and mists that have been obscuring vision and knowledge.
For me the track that distills, hones and captures the beauty of Joe Satriani is Butterfly and Zebra; with its gentle uber-melodic opening and the notes shine through with perfect harmony that is reflected in the simple piano accompaniment. It is a track that absorbs you taking you away from noise and distractions a short but perfectly formed mode that hints at what might have been if Hendrix was alive today.
The closing track brings fruition to our journey through the word of Satriani’s guitar as we say Goodbye Supanova. I still do not understand astrophysics but the power of composition needle sharp orchestration and arrangements have taken me deep into my imagination on a marvelous journey through space over fifteen tracks that made interesting and varied stopping off points.
This is an album that both rocks your songs off and massages the hairs on the back of your neck into an electro-magnetic orgasmic frenzy. Supernova is out of this time and dimension and crawling back into reality is just too mundane so just fall back in by playing the album on repeat until you can see Joe Satriani live!

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Shockwave Supanova
2. Lost In A memory
3. Crazy Joey
4. In My Pocket
5. On Peregrine Wings
6. Cataclysmic
7. San Francisco Blue
8. Keep On Movin’
9. All of My Life
10. A Phase I’m Going Through
11. Scarborough Stomp
12. Butterfly and Zebra
13. If There Is No Heaven
14. Stars Race Across the Sky
15. Goodbye Supanova

Joe Satriani’s new album “Shockwave Supernova” is released by Sony Music/Legacy on Friday July 24th.
His 9-date UK tour with special guest Dan Patlansky kicks off at the O2 Manchester Apollo on November 1st.

Read more about the tour follow bluesdoodles link

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