CD Review: Joe Louis Walker ~ Everybody Wants A Piece

Joe Louis WalkerJoe Louis Walker
Everybody Wants A Piece
Provogue/Mascot Label Group




An album that is a powerhouse of blues that rocks, rolls and thrills as the eleven tracks have real attitude but never strays from quality blues that you simply have to sit back, listen and enjoy you will be smiling by the end of the album. Joe Louis Walker sums it nicely yes Everyone Wants A Piece of this album you want not just a snippet but the whole album in your collection to listen to anytime! Anywhere! Night or day!

Opening with the title tracks the drums drive the guitar and the music swells as the Blues Hall Of Fame Joe Louis Walker sets down from the off this is blues his style! There is a buzz and attitude as he bends and shapes old style electric blues with the sweep of chords from keys and the six strings ablaze with a sting that pulls the lyrics onto centre stage. The lead breaks are crisp and just leave you wanting more timing is all in music that energises through control, there is no rest as the licks pour out this is a number that gives you a piece of blues magic. There will be no peace while listening as the tempo picks up pace with Buzz On You a drinking good time number that makes you get up and boogie.

The bass intro and slower tempo gives a darker feel to Black On Blue this is a breather and not as happy as the rest of the album, a love affair falling apart is never a good place to be. The sadness of this track moves on to Witchcraft a funky soulful laid back number that is full of the darkest voodoo blues. No blues album is complete without gospel inspired numbers and these reflect Joe Louis Walker’s deeply held beliefs with Gospel Blues an organ inspired instrumental that takes you on a deeply moving a spiritual journey with the whine of the six strings and gentle percussive feel.  Wade Into The Water continues the spiritual journey that is relevant for everyone a moment to reflect as he sings ‘The water is deep, the water is cold, it chills my body, BUT NOT MY SOUL” is expressing his belief that the spiritual will carry you through when the physical can’t. Then back to the signature feel of the albums blues that boogie with funky soul Man of Many Words celebrating the power of words. Then we are at the last two tracks Young Girls Blues and 35 Years Old as the music flows and the album fills your music soul full of blues that connects, makes you laugh, smile, think and dance what a perfect mix to enjoy yourself.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Everyone Wants A Piece
  2. Do I Love Her
  3. Buzz On You
  4. Black & Blue
  5. Witchcraft
  6. One Sunny Day
  7. Gospel Blues
  8. Wade In the Water
  9. Man Of Many Words
  10. Young Girls Blues
  11. 35 Years Old

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