CD Review: Jack Hutchinson ~ Band Get It Back

jack hJack Hutchinson Band
Get It Back

No wonder Jack Hutchinson has been included on Blues Magazine’s list of ‘Ones To Watch in 2015’ , on the EP; Jack and the band have a scorching sound that is full of depth, rawness and electric blues. Jack has the all too rare combination of the ability to kick ass with the guitar and have vocals that are powerful and work in harmony with the sound being produced.
The E.P. has six self-penned tracks that are a real tasty introduction to the talents of Jack Hutchinson, his guitar work is full of licks and lead breaks that are long enough to beguile at times leaving you wanting more, but never so long that the guitar becomes tiresome. There are no tracks going spare to fill out the space of a full CD, we have the opportunity to listen to the real Jack how he wants to perform and showcase the band.

The opener Wake Up is a track that once the first note is played makes you sit up listen and take notice with the click of the drum sticks and then into full throttle guitar you are ready to rock long before Jack’s voice joins in and as he sings ‘wake up and smell the roses…’ you know this is an E.P. that means business. This is not a one tempo – one style album as the textures, tones and emphasis change but always the musicianship is the focus of your attention as they are determined to rock your soul. Loving Man is more measured with some great bass from Rick Brazendale, then Jack’s voice full of measured bluesy tones that hits all the right emotions and notes on this slower track, less rocky and shows the purity of the guitar playing. Get It Back is a rocky fast-moving track that gets the adrenalin pumping and sets you in a spin. Too soon the last and longest track is playing Hey Hey Hey; opening with the sounds of the sea on a beach and some gentle acoustic guitar contrasting with the other tracks. This is a different side of talented Jack Hutchinson; a talent to definitely watch out for in 2015, buy the CD and catch him live he will definitely entertain.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing

Wake Up
Look In The Mirror
Loving Man
Never Too Late
Get It Back
Hey Hey Hey

Jack Hutchinson: Guitar and Vocals
Rick Brazendale: Bass
Jim Brazendale: Drums
Tom Brundage: Harmonica.

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