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Ian Siegal
One Night In Amsterdam
Nugene Records


The second live Siegal album in a twelve months, One Night In Amsterdam, is a real treat for his fans, this album recorded at The North Sea Club with his new young band with an average age of twenty-three – featuring Dusty Ciggaar as lead guitarist whose playing is phenomenal and gives Ian the space to concentrate on the vocals and playing with the lyrics in his own style. The rhythm section is Danny Van’t Hoff playing a bass line that underpins and adds to the weight of the music and drumming with style is Raphael Schwiddessen. On the last two tracks they are joined by Joel & Tess Gaerthe from a popular Dutch indie band Ashtraynutz. The band and Ian have only been playing together for just over a year, they have a natural chemistry, intuitively coming to the fore when required they add an electric vibe to the eclectic musical choices on the album as Ian dips into his ever-growing discography and as he says on the introduction after track three “We are going to play some new songs, some old songs and some songs by great heroes of mine….”; included in the mix are tracks such as Temporary and Love Hurts that he has not played live before.

Opening with his award-winning I Am The Train, with urgency and determination and it is fast becoming a firm favourite in the many Siegal guises, with friends from Mississippi, solo or with the new band and sets the bar for the quality of the live album. This is followed by two tracks from Meat & Potatoes & Broadside respectively are Brandy Balloon and Kingdom Come which are given the new band’s approach to these two favourites; Kingdom Come is still full of attitude and has a funk-blues driven sound.

Early Grace on this album we are treated to another version slower and more considered that his Candy Store Kid re-mix and though similar to the version on Standing In The Morning it has that urgency and vivacity that a live recording has every time.

Having waited for Ian to record Gallo Del Cielo we have a new version on this album with an electric version that works so well and Dusty Ciggaar’s guitar solo is sublime so that we have nearly ten minutes of this marvellous track from the penmanship of Tom Russell given so much emotive energy by Ian and the band.
We are introduced to another fantastic track from Ripoff Raskolnikov, a songwriter of some renown, had many will recognise the track Horse Dream on Swagger; live in Amsterdam Temporary is a powerful song that suits Ian’s approach to music making every song exclusively his own, and it is Raphael’s drumming combined with Dusty’s guitar that gives this a luscious sound.
We also have Ian doing an Everly Brother’s hit, Love Hurts using the lyric line used by them, that brings down the tempo with a melodic joining of voices with Ian and Tess opening with harmonising that adds a the full gamut of emotion captured in the words and moment.
The closing track, Please Don’t Fail Me, is full of country sound, full of wistfulness, articulated by Dusty Ciggaar’s pedal steel guitar, the backing vocals from the Gaerthe siblings add a poignancy and then the yearning of Ian’s voice as he sings “… shine your light around my dark heart and give my guitar back his sound….” this is a track that closes the album leaving you wanting more, just like a live event when Ian Siegal and his band are performing.

Like a quality Bourbon Siegal distils the words and the music into a potpourri of smoky, moody delights he speeds up and slows down making every word count and rhyme and you hear the emphasis he wants as he understands the power of the wordsmith who wrote the twelve tracks given Siegal treatment tonight for One Night in Amsterdam..

This album gives you a taste of the live sound in your front-room but to get the real McCoy, get out to a gig he is touring Europe and UK in March with the band click here for Tour Dates.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

A video about making of the album and hints of what is to come when released…

Track Listing
1. I Am The Train (Siegal – Candy Store Kid)
2. Brandy Balloon (Siegal – Meat & Potatoes)
3. Kingdom Come (Siegal – Broadside)
4. Introduction
5. Writing On the Wall (Stephenson
6. Introduction
7. Temporary (Raskolnikov)
8. Early Grace (Siegal – Standing In The Morning & Candy Store Kid)
9. Gallo Del Cielo (Russell)
10. Queen Junior Prom (Harrison/Siegal – Standing In The Morning)
11. Love Hurts (Bryant)
12. Please Don’t Fail Me (Lentze)
There will be a Free Bonus track – Hard Pressed – to be unlocked via a download key with every copy of Amsterdam and available from release date 9th March


Ian Siegal: Vocals & Guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: Lead Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar
Raphael Schwiddessen: Bass
Danny Van’t Hoff: Drums

Guest Vocals tracks 11 & 12
Joel Gaerthe
Tess Gaerthe

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