CD Review: Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band ~ Trouble with The Blues

Trouble With The Blues CoverThis is their fourth studio album mastered at world famous Abbey Road in London but that heart and driving rock beat is Scottish through and through full of passion and pride. The title track opens up the can of worms that is the blues, that is the Trouble With The Blues; it is a different beat and tempo for many. This is an album that encapsulates the sound of British Blues and should be heard far and wide as an introduction to the depth and wealth of musical talent within the blues community we love. Why the whole album just radiates the power of Gerry’s guitar playing as he bends the strings to create a sound that wraps around the lyrics. This though is no guitar lead ego ride the six-strings have their place but they have to play fair and allow the seismic blues harp playing by Peter Narojczyk take centre stage and have the occasional lead break. The vocals add another layer with a strong narrative and the ability to be a clarion cry above the layers of musical tone. This is in no small part due to the solid foundation laid down by a rhythm section comprising bassist Grigor Leslie & drummer Lewis Fraser; they know how to drive each track so there is a different beat and feel so that together this foursome create a sound that reverberates and glistens with blues emotional tension.

Opening with the title track, you know instantly that you are in for a treat as they blend their own spirit with the best of modern British Blues, with hints of The Hoax on Down To The Ground as guitar and harp play off each other but it is Gerry on vocals that wins in the end. A complete change of tonal cadence on Anybody this is a stripped down track that has the harp sounding like a bagpipe and the mellow tones of Gerry have echoes of another Scot who is making tsunami waves in the world of rock blues Alan Nimmo. These are only echoes – this is the sound of Jablonski and Co. There is a blending of funk and again the use of the Wah Wah on The Curse is Hendrix like but this is much more than the judicious use of a pedal again it is the lyrics that make this a track that will stand out in any crowd. Rock blues delivered with intelligence it is not about speed and loudness but more about integrity and a dexterity of tone being produced. The finale is an acoustic number I Confess that leaves you with Gerry’s voice and ability to spin a tale lyrically ringing in your ears as you hot replay for some foot stomping energized blues on tracks such as Fork Fed Dog.
The interplay between guitar vocals and harp means this is a band that wants to blend and explore the power of every instrument creating the whole spectrum of the blues. Who wrote the songs, like everything else on the album it was a team effort if you want blues without an ego then Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band fits the ticket perfectly.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band ~ Trouble with The Blues – Independent

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Track Listings

1. Trouble With The Blues
2. Down to The Ground
3. The Curse
4. The Well
5. Anybody
6. Rich or Poor
7. Lady & I
8. Fork Fed Dog
9. Big Bad World
10. I Confess

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