CD Review: Elliott Morris ~ It Seems To Make Sense To Me

Elliott Morris - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0012lElliott Morris
Seemed To Make Sense At The Time

Release Date 2nd March 2015

I was delighted to have the chance to review Elliott Morris’ latest E.P.; after discovering this talented troubadour when he opened for Paul Carrack on his Current Tour. Elliott was full of charm and engaged the audience and captivated them while they waited for the main act once again demonstrating the power of One Man and his Guitar, when they have energy, talent and their own style of delivery. So the question now as I load up the download, he can cut the mustard on the large stage can he do the same when recording in a studio; I can assure you he can, the four tracks on the EP are a delight this is a young man who can write, sing and play guitar the holy trinity for any solo performer.

Love and War opens quietly and builds to a crescendo as the story unveils about the trials of a relationship and the crowd vocals swell and sound more than two additional vocals and the fiddling builds the tonal quality of this track. Let It Out is a song that is Elliott and acoustic and is poetry set to song so that the music moulds the mood through tempo and a painting of emotion through the layers of notes. The penultimate track has a dance beat tempo that gets the feet tapping and has an urgency in the delivery that is not seen in the previous tracks giving the EP another dimension especially with the percussive use of the guitar body. The final track, Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be is full of humour and makes you smile and certainly leaves you wanting more a full CD next time please.

Now to categorise Elliott, well he has been influenced by Michael Hedges who describes himself as Heavy Mental, Thrash Acoustic and Irish finger-picker Eric Roach, the common thread is they use the guitar with attitude using the strings to create clear notes and the body as a percussive accessory. Do not worry about definitions Elliott Morris is a young man with energy and fizz who loves and believes in the quality music he is producing so sit back listen enjoy and go see him live. Elliott has loads of potential as a musician who plays and sings well but above that he entertains you.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


1. Love and War
2. Let It Out
3. Looking for Something that Isn’t There
4. Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be


Elliott Morris (Vocals, guitars – acoustic, lab slide & tenor); tenor banjo & a bit of Fender Rhodes
Bevan Morris – double bass percussion
Innes Watson – strings on Track 1
Alex Watts & Damon Valentine – crowd vocals on Track 1

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