CD Review: Doug Adamz ~National Steel

Scan0004Doug Adamz
National Steel
Magi Productions

This is the third solo album from Doug Adamz, who delivers seventeen tracks of fingerpicking National Steel a journey of blues that on the road full of heartfelt pain in the vocal tones as the guitar fingers its way through a background melody. The tone is folksy blending music in the roots of the heritage of the National guitar as he explores the hard times that have come again during this recession with the collapse of the banks and social cohesion picking up on the legacy of Woody & Arlo Guthrie.

Doug Adamz vocals are distinctive they have a knowing tone as he tells the tale with no embellishments it is the truth of the world as he sees it full of bleakness. The apocalyptic strains are seen throughout the tone poem that is Business As Usual; Mr Huffin Puffin, obvious why the track is called this with a flurry of harmonica that shapes, turns and twists as the notes float through the air on an instrumental show casing this stalwart of delivering blues and roots musical tone with a fiery flourish. This is an album that has tempos that bounce and those that reflect Cholly & Molly is an eccentric ditty suiting the couple at the centre of the tune. The National and Doug’s vocals are the centre piece of an album that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy word loaded songs with the finger picking tones of a National; played with confidence and delivered with feeling and expertise. House of Curiosities is as it says as we meet Cecil a diesel driver whose rig’s name is the title of the song. Ending with Can’t Complain Coda leaves you with the ringing tones of a master of finger-picking steel. An album for lovers of traditional National Steel guitar tones with lyric poems that tell a story every time; I do feel that some editing so that less tracks becomes more as then the differences between track would be more noticeable. That must be the reason that despite the capacity of a CD the majority of albums have around a dozen recorded tracks.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SIX doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. High Roller
2. Move Along
3. Buisnesss As Usual
4. Why You Wanna
5. High Class Lady
6. Stranger On The Street
7. Mr Huffin Puffer
8. Cholly & Molly
9. Ode To An Old Guitar
10. Little Bitty Woman
11. Good To See You
12. Rock Bottom
13. The House Of Curiosities
14. Only The Wolfman
15. A Time for Peace
16. I Can’t Complain
17. Can’t Complain Coda

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