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Songs About You

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There is an elegance in both the guitar playing and the vocals and the percussive undertones throughout Songs About You, creating a mood board of musical textures and the songs are relevant to everyone with feelings apparent on fist listening and after listening to on repeat it is indeed a mighty fine album. Every song composed by the multi-talented Dani Wilde and all eleven tracks are strong with lyrics that reflect an emotional connection to circumstances of life.
The opening track Open Road is evocative of a trip with the opening guitar, piano and country twang and then the glories of Dani’s soprano purity as the lyrics unfold full of memories and yearning; this is a track that hooks you in with its jaunty chorus line and the twang of guitar and clear piano notes you just want to hear more.
This is an album where the music and vocals blend to produce a full acoustic sound with layers of tonal contrasts with Dan’s pure bell like quality and the raunchy voice lower down the scale combine with a backing waterfall of tones with the mid-tone of Bethany on cello which for me connects to my music radar every-time. The rhythm section, guitars courtesy of Todd Sharpeville & Stuart Dixon and Rhodes piano effectively add in the layers to create a tonal sculpture of delight as seen on That Ain’t Love.

Fancy something a bit different well track four pleases you as Change is certainly a break in feel and tempo from the beginning of the album, the lyrics just draw you in with some superb drumming with the backing singers adding another layer of interest. Half way through and I was mesmerised by the quality of production every note is played and meshed together to create a whole sound that has the sole purpose of showcasing the talents of Dani and her vocals that are very special they combine a purity and every word is sung so they can be heard and the emphasis is put on certain phrases so that the song makes perfect sense. Flame has the feel of a contemporary twist on a Lieder song it would work as well with just a piano accompaniment; there is a simplicity that can only be created when talent works in harmony.

Begging For Love has a wonderful intro that with Piano and drums has a Latino dance feel and your hips move to the sultry tones and your brain engages with the words and you smile with the cheeky percussion and use of male backing vocals including her brother Will. The closing track is Time and we have a southern country blues riff that meanders like a bayou, this is a perfect end to an album that is such a joy to listen to, want to hear more of the cello guitar and vocals, then make the time to put on replay and listen again, I did.

This is an accomplished album from Dani Wilde reflecting the maturity of the vocalization and the projection of her voice to portray the emotion and feeling of the song and connects to the listener’s inner soul, while still keeping that skillful finger touch that makes her six-strings resonate in harmony this is undoubtedly a powerful album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


All songs composed by Dani Wilde
1. Open Road
2. Change Your Mind
3. That Ain’t Love
4. Change
5. Loving You
6. Flame
7. Cruel World
8. Begging For Love
9. Diamond In The Dark
10. Let Me Be Your Sunshine


Dani Wilde: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals
Stuart Dixon: Electric Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar on Tracks 3 and 9
Roger Inniss: Bass Guitar and Upright Bass
Janos Barrista: Piano
Gregory Coulson: Rhodes and Organ
Fergus Gerrand: Drums and Percussion
Bethany Porter: Cello
Todd Sharpville: Acoustic Lead Guitar on Track 3
Backing Vocals: Katey Brooks
Ross Alexander
Will Wilde


Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Stuart Dixon at Platform Studio

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