CD Review: Catfish ~ So Many Roads

Catfish CD coverCatfish
So Many Roads

Debut album, which has been causing a stir as album of the month by Independent Blues Broadcaster Association during February and has received lots of airplay reflecting the solid quality blues being delivered from the first to the last note.
Catfish are a quartet of musicians Paul Long on keys, the secret weapon of young talented Matt Long on guitar and a rhythm section that have played together in several bands and have a telepathy between them Dusty Bones on Bass and drummer Kevin Yates.
The blues being delivered is honest and has the integrity of feeling the merits of every phrase as they deliver a selection of crafted classics. The first track is definitely the weakest, but perseverance pays off as they get into their groove. These are not another set of tired old renditions of tracks we all know. The title track, So Many Roads, is much better suited to the band with Matt’s guitar and vocals being allowed to take centre stage. Catfish Blues, is full of heavy chords redolent of a hot steaming swampy bayou that really has given the song a modern blues twist and the gentle piano in the background from Paul Long adds a delicate layer of interest.
The spoken sardonic phrasing in Framed suits Matt’s vocals and the beat certainly is foot tappingly infectious; Going Down is a heavier vibe with rock being added to the mix and certainly gives the album texture and variability in tempo. The final track Loan Me A Dime ends on a slower more considered note; with the instrumentation perfectly timed and beautiful tones and the guitar is at times sublime; again showing the individuality of Catfish’s interpretation of these oft travelled classics.
What sets Catfish out from the crowded arena of bands that play the classics is the blending of keys and guitars underpinned by a rhythm section that is full of menace and blues intent Catfish have set a benchmark, be great to the original material and the vocals strengthen as Matt’s experience grows with lots more live performances that really showcase the talent this bands has.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

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