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Brian Ashley Jones
Out Of The City


Out of The City is the third release by Brian Ashley Jones a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who knows how to write a song as all the tracks are either written or co-written by Brian. Into the mix he has gathered around him a selection of musicians to shape the tone to deliver gentle blues/country harmonies
Opening with See You Wasting Time blends Hammond organ, guitar and a harmonica in an upbeat song that has thread of Southern Rock and elements of the construction of Allman Brothers Whipping Post gets you in the mood to join the party of this album This is a new artist for me so interested to see if this is maintained throughout the album. This is followed by a duet with Jonelle Mosser and the pace slows with stylish Hammond B3 as like Jack & Jill in the nursery rhyme we set of to Fetch A Pail of water; though I am not convinced that the duet adds anything as the whole song feels contrived. We have a display of guitar skills on Free to Miss You, the vocals though fade and drift away. The track Carolina’s Dream, has that little extra and is the strongest track thanks to the fine fiddling from Gary Oleyar making this a highlight in an album that just doesn’t excite. The album finishes with an anaemic acoustic number that left me personally as the listener rather disappointed.

The whole album has a feel that its full potential hasn’t been reached, there is no crescendo of energy, it is just that bit too laid back so it falls over. The music does nothing to displease the ear but there is no doubt that your attention wanders as the album rooted in country fails to connect.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD FIVE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. See You Wasting Time
2. Fetch a Pail (Featuring Jonell Mosser)
3. You Have Set you Free
4. Out Of The City
5. Would You Come If I Go
6. Free To Miss You
7. Meet Me In The River
8. Carolina’s Dream
9. River Bones
10. Would you Come If I Go (Acoustic)

Brian Ashley Jones: Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Jonelle Mosser: Vocals (Track 2)
Ike Stubblefield: Hammond B3 Organ (Track 1, 3, 5, 6)
Kevin McKendree: Hammond B3 Organ & Keyboards (Track 2)
Jon Loyd: Keyboards (Track 7)
Jim “Turbo” Kirkby: Hammond B3 Organ (Track 8)
Eddie Bedford: Bass (Track 8)
Gary Oleyar: Fiddle (Track 8)
Warren Beck: Keyboards (Track 9)
Ian Walker: Harmonica (Track 6)

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