CD Review: Boo Boo Davies ~ Oldskool

unnamed (1)Boo Boo Davies
Black & Tan Records

From the first note to the last this is Oldskool Blues delivered with a feel, passion and authenticity. Boo Boo Davis from Drew, Mississippi and long-time resident of East St Louis area, he is a vocalist and harmonica player that evokes the essence of the blues. The music may be delivered with old fashioned bluesman approach but it is still fresh and musical cool for the ears as Boo Boo is joined by Jan Mittendorp on guitar and John Gerritse on Drums creating a natural rhythm that connects instantly to a lover of the blues. This is not second hand, contrived blues but music and lyrics that reflect the life lived in the real world, the world of grueling grind in hot loud cotton fields and the holler to be heard honed the vocals of Boo Boo and can still be heard on every one of the eleven tracks. The tracks are a distillation of delta blues, music memory and experience opening with Hold Your Head Up with its drumming hitting the groove and the harmonica notes soaring like a lark in the sky it is the vocals that enwrap you with blues that you can hear and feel. The guitar licks on Boy Blues adds another dimension and this is the sound of electric blues that certainly gets the feet tapping when combined with the signature harp playing of Boo Boo. There is an urgency, the rhythm of the train of a journey to where life holds the promise of something exciting in the opening of Call Me Clown then the vocals join in and the latent excitement increases. The title track is guitar lead with the harmonica pulled into the mix creating a full sound that is the blues not rock or rock blues this is deep dark blue with a clarity of rhythm and stylish in its delivery. Closing the album with the shortest track, Lucky Man there is an energy and touch of modernity and the knowledge this is high octane blues that delivers, Oldskool has a genuine feeling that encapsulates the blues from a bluesman who remembers blues deep in the heart of the Delta.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Hold Your Head Up
2. Boo Boo Fool
3. Got My Love
4. Boy Blues
5. What Is Wrong With You
6. Call Me A Clown
7. Old Skool
8. Where We Gonna Go
9. Down the Road I Go
10. What It Is
11. Lucky Man

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