CD Review – Blue Touch – Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Blue Touch Old New Borrowed and Blue Cover
Release Date: 4th April 2014
Record Label: Self Release

Blue Touch, have delivered a CD that is covers, re-arranged numbers and some self penned, the title of the album Old, New , Borrowed and Blue is apposite, this is blues music that makes a festival afternoon go by in a delightful haze with the sun on your back and a pint n your hand. Andrea has distinctive vocals giving the band a hook to hang on, unfortunately despite some skillful guitar playing and interesting re-arrangements the album feels ‘flat’. There is no driving energy or verve about the sound. Blue Touch have played it safe but have not lit any blue touch papers for me. It is a shame that they didn’t take the risk and stamp their own demands onto the blues they obviously love and enjoy playing. That said the album is steeped in the blues with a jazzy edge delivered by Andrea’s vocals on ‘Black as Night’ the sound created is authentic and will be enjoyed by their fans and anyone who wants the Blues to be of the 1940’s classics delivered by good musicians creating a measured sound delivering what is on the tin from Handy’s St Louis Blues through to Baby Please Don’t Go.

Track Listing (Writer Credits in brackets)
1 St Louis Blues (Handy)
2 Trouble (Douglas/Sadler/Cleaves)
3 Black as Night (Gardot)
4 Reconsider Baby (Fulsom)
5 Drifting (Brown/ Moore/Williams)
6 The Tallyman (Sadler/Siggery)
7 Save Me from Myself (Aguilera/Perry/ Bottrell)
8 I Can’t Quit You …(Dixon)
9 Black Sheep ( Sadler/Duffin)
10 Baby Please Don’t Go ( Trad Arr. Bluetouch )

Band Members
Andrea Maria Farries-Douglas ( vocals)
Merv Griffin (bass)
Hugh Lawrenson (drums)
Neil Sadler (guitar and vocals )
Alan Cleaves (guitar and vocals)

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