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Bad Bob Bates
Bridge Street
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Bridge Street is an album that hits you mid temple with a wall of guitar driven self-penned numbers that bend and shape your mood with its blues, boogie country sound that has a rawness that is infectious for all the right reasons.

Opening with Brother’s Son you are introduced to some awesome Cigar Box Boogie that gets the party started as your feet will be stomping the floor by the second bar of music, with the added bonus of vocals that match the grittiness of the guitar that has a real hobo travelling feel. This approach is carried on through the next track Hell To Play this is southern swamp music as tasty as hot sauce and Bad Bob Bates definitely has both feet firmly planted in the blues. The tempo changes with a ballad that gives time to draw your breath and appreciate the depth of approaches that are delivered with this country blues track. The tempo is taken further down with the next two tracks that are mournful and reflective both of them are full of regrets and weeping guitar echoing the lyrics.
The tempo picks up with The 27 with a real southern boogie foot stomping tribute to Club 27 and the consequences of being a member with a judicious message and some name dropping including Elvis, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin etc…

Following that it is time to party with a Feelgood tempo inspired number Can’t Be That Hard, The nearly title track; Bridge Street In The Rain, closes the album with the sound of rain and street noises and a guitar in the background and we are taken in a full circle with a raw blues number.

Bridge Street is an album full of surprises as you explore the tempos and moods of a man with his guitar, a thoroughly enjoyable album that will be dipped into again.

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Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

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