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Aynsley Lister
Straight Talkin’ Records


Opening with the title track, you are immediately cocooned in all that makes Home a safe warm haven with a mix of Aynsley’s guitar, vocals and the keys that weave through the whole track that defines the tone of this mighty fine blues album; his tenth and award-winning and you can hear why in every note. Another sparkling track is one of the clutch of single word titles Insatiable, this has an upbeat driving guitar with lead breaks that curl and create a paisley pattern of tone and pinpricks of light and shade to the vocals that are spat out by Aynsley; this is an album that is full of unquenchable heat that excites. The piano intro and guitar is lightly influenced by jazz and sits well as they interact picking up on each other’s inflection of tone that opens up with the clash of drum sticks the guitar is heavy and full as Aynsley sings “Well you taste so sweet Babe, You are like chocolate covered cake”; it is so full of controlled playing with a rhythm section that is heavy with sweetness. This is a Sugar overload but never sweetly sick it is perfectly balanced and has a sharp edge to the guitar that cuts straight through. This is an album that like a plain front door hides the wonders of the highs and lows, the quiet and noisy times and the more personal items that create our own distinctive home and shape who we are. Possession is just such a number standing out because the musicians give Aynsley the perfect platform for his intricate guitar work and rich mellow vocals that display an urgency, none of the other instruments dominate they are the warmth to Aynsley’s spice. His vocals connect on Impossible and send an emotional thrill down your spine on this slowed down easy number that you get lost on and the world diminishes to the space where Aynsley and his music exist. The final number is Straight Talkin’ Woman and this is a track that is straight talking great music the perfect finale to Home.
The album entertains throughout and will delight the phalanx of Aynsley Lister fans throughout the world; if you haven’t checked out his delivery of blues then it is a must and this is an album that opens the door to the guitar and vocal Home that is Aynsley Lister.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Home
2. Broke
3. Insatiable
4. Inside Out
5. Free
6. Sugar
7. You Make It Real
8. Feeling Good
9. Possession
10. Hyde 2612
11. Impossible
12. Straight Talkin’ Woman

Aynsley Lister – Guitar & Vocals
Steve Amadeo – Bass
Andre Basing – Keyboards
Wayne Proctor – Drums & Percussion

Produced by Aynsley Lister & Wayne Proctor
Mixed by Steve Wright & Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios
Recorded at Superfly Studios
Engineered by Andrew Banfield

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