CD Review: Anthony Gomes ~ Electric Field Holler

Scan0002The cover is 1960’s psychedelia, the album tile takes you back to the cotton fields but then he adds the word electric. I had no idea what the gang at Bluesdoodles would hear. The album was loaded the volume turned up and then the speakers gushed with a sound that hits you between the ears with blues twisted and turned with rock energy this is modern this is young fresh and energized blues. Anthony Gomes, is a Toronto based singer/songwriter and guitarist who since 1998 has been producing music that rocks your blues this is his twelfth release and having heard the tone, fun and musical cocktail of sparkling gems I do wonder why I haven’t heard his music before.

This is blues that wants you to have an upbeat feel it is about enjoying the rhythm of these original tracks that want to be played loud and drive through any negative feelings that you may have. Opening with Turn It Up! And after the first bar that is what you do you want to hear more and let the guitar driven blues wash over you; this is no rock album that is paying homage to the blues this is invigorated blues that is awash with soul. Blueschild is a track that draws you in with an autobiographical feel and now you are getting the tone of the album. Then it slows down, a minor key and the lyrics hit you with a connection through compassion for the child and the feeling of Nowhere Is Home. Then we have a tribute to the crossroads, steel guitar and the heat of a Southern sun with The Blues Ain’t The Blues No More a lament for the past and reflects the changing shape of blues with “The blues is like a river always on the run” the shape changes and the greats have departed but the beat lives on. There are no weak tracks the tempo ebbs and flows the phrasing connect, as heard on Junk in the Trunk, and blues that is contemporary and very hip with Red Handed Blues with a story that is a mini movie as the picture and mood is painted through guitar and vocals. This is an album that has not been over-produced and the musicians provide tonal texture and a solid foundation for Gomes to soar. The rhythm section never overpowers thanks to the intuitive combination of sound between Chad Cromwell’s drums and bassist Theo Harden, David Smith’s keys adds a smoothness and another layer of sound. The addition of another layer of percussion fills in the gaps and the cowbell introduction of the opening track certainly sets the spirit of the album.

There is no argument that Anthony Gomes with his triple mix of intelligent lyric driven music, guitar that burns devouring riffs and licks so that the six strings bend to his fingers demands and then the vocal power to shape the emotion of every song, Electric Field Holler is keeping the heart of the blues beating.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Anthony Gomes – Electric Field Holler – Up 2 Zero Entertainment
Track Listing

1. Turn It Up!
2. Back Door Scratchin’
3. Whisley Train
4. Blueschild
5. Nowhere Is Home
6. Losing Game
7. The Blues Ain’t The Blues No More
8. Junk In The Trunk
9. Love Crazy
10. Red Handed Blues
11. Della Raga
12. Listen To The Universe

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