CD Review: Alex Wood ~ I Am Not Lost

cd frontAlex Wood
I Am Not Lost
Woodham Records

The mournful, harp and slow drum beat gives a feel of the delta on the opening track I Am Not Lost; but this is not the tone throughout the album as into the folk base Alex weaves many colours and tones, blending in soul and poppy hooks that give the album movement and lyrical flow. The following track has a soul like beat that makes you want to get up and dance if you are not entranced by the lyrics. We hear this soul-infused folk again on Love Speaks Loudest, once again picking up the tempo and re-energising the album.

With Chameleon we are given insight into driving blues as we move through life again the harp adding a meaningful tone highlighting the lyrics. Angels in a Cage has a bluesy fell and could be loosely labelled Americana but in reality is British folk simply influenced by the sound of hot southern states. The Banker’s Boy is one who acts the complete opposite to his upbringing as he rebels, is he his father’s conscience…

Hiding Behind My Guitar is an acoustic tribute to the guitar and fits well in this reflective album that is about people and what colours shapes and forms their lives along an often troubled and stony road. Alex is hiding behind his guitar but we all hide behind something as we try to cope and make sense of the world around.
Ending this well produced and crafted album is an upbeat dancing beat of a song Begged, Stole & Borrowed which is the perfect follow on to the penultimate track Doors.

Folk with influences from other musical tempos and styles makes Alex’s debut album have a distinctive musical weave. The heart and soul of the album are the vocals delivering the carefully crafted lyrics telling a story shaping your mood. This is an album that showcases a talented lyricist and I am positive in a club Alex Wood live is a fun place to be where you will b entertained in the meantime have a bit of the magic to play at home.

1. I am not Lost
2. Bright Lights
3. Chameleon
4. One Stone
5. Bankers Boy
6. Angels in a Cage
7. Love speaks Loudest
8. Street Preacher
9. Hiding behind my Guitar
10. Think I’ll walk Anyway
11. Doors
12. Begged, Stole & Borrowed

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

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