CD Review Albany Down – ‘Not Over Yet’

Albany Down imageAlbany Down‘s – “Not Over Yet” album – released on 8th April.

“Not Over Yet” is 12 new songs produced by Greg Haver and is second album from this young band demonstrates that they are intent on going places. This is Rock Blues, they are returning to the furrow ploughed by Zeppelin and moving it to Albany Down’s own territory.and is available from Albany Down Store; at gigs they are on tour at moment – dates at bottom of the review or other retail outlets on internet and beyond!

The album is skilfully produced by Greg Haver, who brings all his experience to ensure the riffs, strong melodic lines of music and vocals weave their collective magic in a true Brit Rock fashion with one foot firmly rooted at the crossroads of the Blues as demonstrated on ‘Travelling Blues’. Albany Down have a quartet of musicians who blend their respective talents so that the sum of the whole is definitely greater than they could individually produce. Paul Muir leads from the front with his powerful vocals that deliver the emotion of the lyrics, putting his wide vocal range to excellent use he has a voice that suits rocky blues matching the guitar riffs that play off his voice as in ‘My Lucky Streak’; demonstrating a musical empathy between him and guitarist Paul Turley with its slightly retro sound and the addition of blues harp courtesy of Paul T. The rhythm section is the heartbeat of the band Damien Campbell on drums & bassist Billy Dedman providing the beat for the two Paul’s to build off giving them the confidence and freedom that a grounded rhythm section provides. This approach provides a full sound that is the band’s and not just the ego of the lead; this approach is reflected throughout this 12 track self-penned album. As the band tend to write together, talking about the tempo and feel of a song then it is Paul Turley’s job to develop the guitar parts and Paul Muir adds the lyrics which are generally about relationships. His album is a strong album that has a natural flow throughout the 52 minutes playing time; and the progression of songs makes sense. There is an eastern theme that threads its way through the songs and is redolent of hookah’s, dancing-girls and a generous dollop of hippy rock of flowing kaftans. Each track is an homage to the past greats of rock but more importantly they look forward to a British sound of the 21st century. It is a live sound full of youthful energy, the tracks speak to you with their own swaggering beat with a myriad of musical influences simmering beneath the surface. This is a confident second album, as demonstrated in the title track ‘Not Over Yet’, confirming that they intend to rise to higher heights looking forward to the next album already, this is a talented band whose meteor is definitely rising fast. The closing track of the album ‘The Working Man’ is just over seven minutes and is a rock epic full of strong lyrics and sizzling guitar work and Billy D on bass creates a feeling of apprehension with a guttural bass line that matches the emotion of the track of despair and where is hope when work/life and love is no longer in balance. With the lines line “We gotta fight for the working man” is this the song of protest that will light the pathway to action. This is a thoroughly modern rock blues album and a mighty pleasing listen too; great lyrics, delivered by a group of talent musicians that makes you smile and want to hear more.

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Get down and see this awesome band live and pick up a CD…

27th April – BEDFORD – Karma Bar
30th April – LONDON – 100 Club
8th May – FROME+ – Rook Lane Arts
9th May – TAVISTOCK+ – Wharf
10th May – PENZANCE+ – The Acorn
22nd June – CLEETHORPES – Blues Festival
23rd June – DURHAM – Blues Festival

NOTE: + Guests of Chantel McGregor

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