CD Review: 24 Pesos ~ Do The Right Thing

Scan000224 Pesos
Do The Right Thing
Ourgate Records


This is the fourth album from 24 Pesos who bring an album that celebrates the mix of sounds that creates music with a modern feel while rooted in the lexicon of styles, funk, blues and rock that is woven through the full tones on the ten self-penned tracks, Do the Right Thing yes they are definitely doing that! Opening with Step Back Julian Burdock on vocals and guitars the band have a groove that hits you deep in your soul and lead breaks that scintillate and introduces you to the whole sound with Moz Gamble keys and the powerhouse of any band the structurally intense rhythm section Silas Laitland on Bass and drummer Bryan McLellan. By the third track you are getting to know the sound but if this is your first dip into the world of 24 Pesos you are in for a surprise as Rise Up is slower with the Dobro guitar the riff is intoxicating. Half way through and the well-developed lyrics and beefy music links combine on The Good Lord Did building on the gospel blues tradition of using biblical references, here the music is anything but traditional but it works. Then we have a Delta Blues number 24 Pesos do their own thing and never get trapped in just replicating music that we have heard before, Need Somebody is full of Delta influence and the beat and tone suits Julian’s vocals perfectly. This is followed by a sliding devilishly good track Night Train, the lyrics have a story to tell and the use of phrases that are in the vocabulary of the blues tradition this is the crest of the wave as the album heads for home in a studio album that truly has captured the looseness, spontaneity of live music. They are a band that play off each other’s musicality creating a sound that catches your attention. The last three tracks defiantly do not coast they are of the same impeccable standard, with a deep, gloopy funk groove of the title track this is a band that fully intends to entertain as they end with a Boom Boom and never a whimper we have listened to an album that shows why 24 Pesos continues to grow their fan base.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


  1. Step Back
  2. Won’t Lie Down
  3. Rise Up
  4. Clap Hands
  5. The Good Lord Did
  6. Need Somebody
  7. Night Train
  8. If You Want It
  9. Do The Right Thing
  10. Boom Boom

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