Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB

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Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB



Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB. An EP, When BB Sings The Blues with four re-interpreted BB King Classics, and the quintet of gems is completed with an original homage to the forever great King of the Blues. Matthew Long has captured the essence of BB in his vocals that curl around his skillful interpretation of the guitar licks and riffs of the man himself. These are not straight copies they have a fresh re-invigorated feel as he sings The Thrill Is Gone you know that Catfish will never lose the thrill of playing blues. The guitar for Matthew is and extension of the feel of Blues deep in his musical DNA with snapshots of guitar playing that captures the tone and you want to linger over. Then the vocals, keys and percussion picks up the beat and dancing shoes win the day, this is blues that energizes with its delightful twists and turns.  This is urban blues that you want to listen to they may sing and  play Never Make A Move Too Soon, your mover to turn up the volume can’t happen quick enough.

The interpretation has remained true to the feel of BB; what Catfish has done is added their stamp and Why? This is blues that is alive with blues energy never contrived it has an organic shape and feel.  The four-piece work together pulling on the notes, shaping the contours of the sound, Catfish are not a battle of the egos, the winner is the capturing of delightful blues as in How Blue Can You Get. Slower, more considered the notes are slightly extended then a pause and the vocals kick in with a great version of slow, moody blues. The original is the last track on the EP and title track written by Paul Long, who plays keys throughout, and is reflective as homage is paid to the great man of the blues in the best way through the style of the music he loved to play.

This is an EP that tempts you, excites and thrills and the E.P. leaves you wanting more much more of Catfish and the blues the band delivers. Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB on this gem of five tracks. Released early in 2016, great way of keeping that resolution to listen to more blues buy a copy even better catch them playing live.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Catfish – When BB Sings The Blues

Track Listing

1. You Upset Me Baby
2. The Thrill is Gone
3. Never Make A move Too Soon
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. When BB Sings The Blues

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