Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar MagicDan Patlansky-2371

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic




Tonight Cardiff is in for a treat a double helping of scintillating guitar work over two different complexions. Opening with lyric driven blues/roots Tristan MacKay with his percussive acoustic. Tristan lays down a blues riff on the guitar, melded in with folk and roots. The short set exploring Wire and Wood both the guitar and his latest critically acclaimed album. The title track was included, it being an homage to the salvation he found in his guitar during his teenage years. He is a busker that has found his vocation and the third album he promises will be really special.
Tristan and Dan are like a British Summer – the calm, warm cloudless skies with Tristan’s lyrics the clouds that always appear on the horizon. The tension rises, the humidity rises and then the violence of the power of a thunderstorm and lightning flashes of brilliance that is Dan Patlansky full of electric energy. Wow what an array of sounds the manipulation of wood and wire makes in the hands of these skillful practitioners.

Dan produced a set of full-on hefty blues-rock of the highest quality. The guitar work was breathtaking from the first note to the last, highly charged, emotional one-hundred percent full-on that excited enchanted and amazed the crowds at The Globe tonight. Everyone present was hot, the room was sweltering and the guitar and vocals made the temperature rise even higher. Tonight we were treated to an object lesson in how to manipulate the six-strings whilst maintaining the perfect shape and control for hefty blues-rock.

Opening with an instrumental Drone which builds the tension as it leads into Sonnava Faith from the superb album Introvertigo. The vocals soared above the guitar and the band adding textural contexts to the power of Dan’s lyrics. The set wasn’t all about hefty chords as Dan adds Loosen The Grip a ballad that cools the heat down and Dan’s gruff, emotionally charged vocals take centre stage with ‘Old Red’ his trusty guitar playing to the voices tune. His battered, bruised and beautiful guitar is given a rest as he moved onto the slide-dominated Heatbeat on his shiny white Strat. Dan has the capacity to squeeze every ounce of energy, emotion and power out of every single number, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand out.

Back to “Old Red” with a slow blues number the music shows that there is nothing introverted about Introvertigo. Stop The Messin’ is superb, no wonder it is having lots of radio play on Planet Rock, and then as the set reaches its climax we dip into Dear Silence Thieves with Backbite and Fetch Your Spade. Dan is delighted that we have turned out to hear his music thanking us, the appreciation is all from us. Completing the set My Channa, those who are seeing Dan live for the first time had no idea what guitar antics they were in for. Dan manipulates every part of the guitar; his fingers explore every part his right-hand dancing up and down the frets in a complex choreographic amazing ballet. Whilst, his left-hand was an acrobatic display then, the left and right joined together high on a fret in a gavotte of modern rock. There was more to come visually absorbing and tonally charged Dan was in control as the set closed with one finger holding the guitar high, but not as loud and high as the applause and cheers of an audience that wanted more. The encore of two more amazing numbers closed a night where Dan turned guitar playing into a pure art-form.


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