Canadian JW Jones Brings Blues to Belmont Boulevard

Canadian JW Jones Brings Blues to Belmont Boulevard

Canadian JW Jones
Brings Blues to Belmont Boulevard


Not heard of JW Jones well you should have. Out on tour in the UK and having been recording since early 2000 he is producing blues that is appealing a winning combo with blues guitar licking the lyrics into shape. Belmont Boulevard is 12 tracks that explores emotions through the spectrum of the blues. The music has an upbeat feel the tempo changes the textures deepen as he delivers tracks that are of a consistently high standard. He has he made his blues stand out from the crowd by allowing the blues to expand to include some rocking good beats and other tracks incorporate boogie and swing as we are having fun with every twist and turns of the blues JW Jones takes us.
Canadian JW Jones Brings Blues to Belmont Boulevard is his ninth album and the production is crisp, Tom Hambridge’s production lets Jones’ guitar do the talking this is a player who can make the six-strings walk the talk. With a mix of originals and covers, six JW Jones songs (four with Tom), Tom and his regular writing companions contribute four songs and two covers
The album opens with blues that takes you down a country lane with Love Times Ten and closes with Cocaine Boy a dark deep track opening with the swell of keys from Reese Wynans (Plays with Joe Bonamassa’s band)who will always be impressive and JW’s guitar. Blues to hit home sharp, raw, intense, personal with The Hoax rock vibe. In between we have Blue Jean Jacket telling to story of an item of clothing (we all had one) that made us feel cool and invincible in our youth. The covers have a twist of original re-arranging are Bobby Parker’s Watch Your Step, second track in foot-stomping blues that slips and slides across the airwaves. Then later in the album Buddy Guy’s, What’s Inside Of You with guitar that is hot and cascades through the number matching chord by chord with Reese’s’ organ playing to create spellbinding blues. With a boogie in mind we have Magic West Side Boogie, picking up the pace JW Jones gets the atmosphere fever pitch with energy and verve that zings from the guitar strings this is up tempo blues sharp as a clear blue sky. The album has harder edge blues and then turns as we sit back and let gentle blues flow over us with Coming After Me the vocals and guitar work in perfect harmony as the tale of the lyrics unfurl. Then off to Texas and What Would Jimmie Do? Sings JW; as he address one of his guitar influences Jimmie Vaughan.
Canadian JW Jones Brings Blues to Belmont Boulevard and it is an album that certainly

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


JW Jones – Belmont Boulevard – Blind Pig Records

Track Listing

1. Love Ten times
2. Watch Your Step
3. Blue Jean Jacket
4. Coming After me
5. Don’t Be ashamed
6. Thank You
7. Magic West Side Boogie
8. What Would Jimmie Do?
9. If It feels Good Tomorrow
10. What’s Inside Of You
11. Never Worth It
12. Cocaine Boy

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