Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow


There is no doubt that the promise of the debut album from ex Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat & Burnt Out Wreck, brings a tingle of anticipation. Do not expect a re-run of HP style this is Burnt Out Wreck with its own exciting take on the rock n roll the band want to play and you to love. Scotland’s rock n roll giant Gary Moat steps out from behind the drums and leads the charge on vocals and guitar. Joining Gary are Adrian Dunn and Miles Goodman adding layers of guitar tone, deep riffs and licks that excite. Now we need deep rhythms to build on Gary’s rhythm guitar, from bassist Alex Carmichael and Paul Gray’s drums. Adding another layer of voice to the band are Adrian and Alex on backing vocals.

The music rocks, with attitude and sears through the room turn it up loud, and party rock music, the rock is melodic and the beat infectious. Opening with Burnt Out Wreck, the band laid down its credentials. From the oft the music is British rock full of good time vibes and Gary Moats vocals have bluesy rock contour and at times gives the album an AC/DC feel, is the that a bad thing?.. not in my book. The instrumentation and play between guitars throughout gives the sound a texture that is melodic, gritty and at times with the lightest of touches on other tracks. Next on the Wreck airwaves is Swallow now the music hardens with a dirty grime ridden riff; nothing complicated this is classic rock for good times as you swallow the beverage of choice.

Medusa, where the guitar is blistering hot and not to be mistaken for the other 2010 number of the same name. This is like Burnt Out Wreck a number that is rising from the ashes a Phoenix of a number from the remnants of Mother’s Ruin. Followed by Flames, we are not ever getting burnt by this as the number is solid 70’s classic rock. As the album steps towards the closing number, we slow down after the fist-thumping previous numbers Your Love (Is All I Need) a ballad that belongs on every rock album and will have the audiences singing along. How to follow a ballad; explore the roots of rock, the parent and dip into the blues with Rocking Man. This is blues rock that will get everyone stamping the ground, and partying all night long. Closing with Best Of Your Life, this may not be the best or greatest album, but it will be one you return to with a smile on your face.

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow; the action is good this is rock that puts a spring in any rockers boots.

Burnt Out Wreck – Swallow –  Released on TRHRC through Cherry Red Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Burnt Out Wreck
  2. Swallow
  3. She’s the One
  4. Pulling It Out
  5. Talk About Love
  6. Medusa
  7. Flames
  8. She’s A Dirty Lover
  9. Your Love (Is All I Need)
  10. Rocking Man
  11. Best Of Your Life

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