Buckle Up with JOANovARC for a Ride Of Your Life

Buckle Up with JOANovARC for a Ride Of Your Life

Buckle Up with JOANovARC for a Ride Of Your Life

There is only one thing to do, is fasten your belts and sit back and let JOANovARC take you on a musical Ride Of Your Life. This is a debut album that packs a punch of excitement as the band lays down their intent to be listened to, be noticed and above all enjoyed.
JOANovArc  a four-piece female line-up that has gained attention by playing rock music that we want to listen to with a glittering hard edge that makes a statement and full of sassy attitude. The music is heavy, hard and perfectly formed, through the roads traveled as they play in clubs and gigs around the country. Opening with the title track, they lay down the music that they play with style, guitars that sing and vocals that rock. This is rock that, whilst having a feel of the past, is for now; it is modern with its use of riffs and choruses.  If you love flying and dragons then the first single off the album is right for you with Dragon In The Sky, the music flies with pace, confidence and granite steel of a dragon on fire.

The stand out track in a stylish collection is White Trash, with drums announcing the number harmonizing vocals and guitar that has a deep edgy groove this track rocks. The album is 24 carat Rock N Roll not surprisingly, Live Rock N Roll captures the spirit of the girls and distils it into a foot tapping having a great time number; fast furious and melodic. The album is not one style fits all as you get into the rock groove up pops Going Down with rock streaked with blues. Sisters, reflects the power of sisterhood, melodic but not gentle powerful but not aggressive the album captures the collaborations of sisters traveling working together the highs and lows of life on the road. The album cover is authentic real women as they say “We are role models, we want to inspire young females and empower them” and Ride Of Your Life is an inspiring statement.

The album closes with deep bass melody as a ballad pulls us towards the end of the journey Peace Of Mind is a statement we are strong and we play the music our way with energy, passion, and a truthfulness that rock through the decades has always done.

JOANovArc the collective talent allows them to mix it up. By sharing bass, guitar and vocal duties the tones are varied keeping interest. That band are Laura Ozholl (rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Sam Walker (lead vocals, bass, guitar), Shelley Walker (lead guitar, backing vocals), Deborah Wildish (drums) and they positively take you on a rock fuelled Ride Of Your Life. It is a tale of the bands life on the road “We are all great friends but have been through everything together, heartache, death, illness, sweat, blood, great times, addiction, narcotics, break ups, celebrations, fights and tears! “ Using this brimming pot of experience combined with the talents Grammy Award winning producer Gil Norton (The Pixies, Foo Fighters) has captured the girl power rock energy as the album was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios.

JOANovARC – Ride Of  Your Life – Red Vixen Records

Out 11th November 2016

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ride Of Your Life
  2. Dragon In The Sky
  3. White Trash
  4. Seeds Of Summer
  5. Live Rock’n’Roll
  6. Going Down
  7. Five Years
  8. Running Away
  9. Work
  10. Sisters
  11. Peace Of Mind

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