Broken Witt Rebels Debut Album Blending Old With New

Broken Witt Rebels Debut Album Blending Old With NewBroken Witt Rebels Debut Album Blending Old With New, plus four new tracks.  The debut feels comfortable why? It is a blending of tracks from their two acclaimed E.P’s that had fans demanding a full-length album. The new numbers show the direction of travel and how far the band have come. A result of touring endlessly at festivals, opening shows and part of the Roadstars earlier this year.  In Broken Witt Rebels own words – “Our album has been a long time coming. It’s a culmination of the past two years of hard work and we couldn’t be prouder of what it’s become. We’ve crafted the record to take the listener along our journey so far, and it also marks a milestone in our career as we move from the unsigned world to being with a label. We’re very proud to have signed a deal with Snakefarm Records, and with the Snakefarm team behind us we can’t wait to take things to the next level.” Some will moan we already have the E.Ps. People always moan! But – many will not as fans have arrived at the #UpTheRebels party later than others. Bluesdoodles reviewed Georgia Pines but not Howlin’, now we have an early collection of the boys’ music.

Now to the album opening with a rousing upbeat guitar churning number with Danny Core’s vocals cascading across the instrumentation and we are not left with Loose Change with the opening number. We are on the road with a band that wants you to have a good time, loud, raw and full of youthful verve and direction. Once heard the distinctive sound will never be forgotten. This is the sound that has got us so excited when they opened for Whiskey Myers, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Cadillac Three (Ireland & mainland Europe) and played at Festivals. The four new songs are little nuggets of brilliance scattered amongst the better-known numbers.  From the heavy jam band groove of Loose Change through to the final song of the album Wait For You which provides a slower, gentler soulful side of Danny and the band. Here they close the album with an artful weaving of modern sound collecting the roots of popular music, soul and blues with a crackling edge of tension. The tension shaped by the earthy vocals of Danny Core that just pop out at you on every track.  The first of the other two new numbers, Snake Eyes, feels familiar if you have heard the band live and is stunning; the opening is beguiling as you wait with bated breath for the song to fill out. This is rock that rolls with a blues shimmer and leaves you wanting to hear more.  The fourth in the quartet of new numbers leaves you Breathless with soulful wonder.  This is a number that ebbs and flows showing the bands dexterity shaping the sound around Danny’s many-textured vocals. The drumming is ear-catching and builds the tension as Danny sings “Give me Soul, Lose My Mind, Take Control, Trust in You is all I ‘ve Got”; pleading and emotive as he sings the lines so carefully crafted.

Much has been written about the E.P.s that are re-showcased here. It is definite they deserve another airing so new fans can appreciate and love the early music. They give context to the new music how the band is shaping and developing their sound. For me, it was Georgia Pines that opened my eyes to the potential of the band and Georgia and Low still leave me with that spine quivering delight that hits the right spot. Guns powers out a real contrast to the preceding number Breathless.

Broken Witt Rebels – with a self-titled debut album have jumped the hurdle met fans demands there is an album. Now we all eagerly await the feared sophomore album. This will be all new singing as the West Midland band continues to fuse the sound of British Blues Explosion with Southern Rock and weave in influences from Temperance Movement through to Black Stone Cherry. They are a crossover band. Broken Witt rebels are crossing the divide of being unknown to the world stage and this album consolidates their mission as Danny said when we interviewed him to conquer the music world. Broken Witt Rebels Debut Album Blending Old With New will be played loud and often until they next play live and the second album hits the decks. Up The Rebels is the shout you hear.

Broken Witt Rebels – Broken Witt Rebels – Snakefarm Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

    1. Loose Change
    2. Georgia
    3. Shake Me Down
    4. Snake Eyes
    5. Howlin’
    6. Breathless
    7. Guns
    8. Getaway
    9. Low
    10. Wait For You

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  1. Cracking review!!! This is such a fantastic album…you sure are left wanting much much more! Seeing the lads at O2Academy Birmingham tomorrow and just can’t wait!

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