Brit Floyd – Live @ St David's Hall Cardiff

Brit Floyd - St david's Hall, Cardiff Nov 2013_0005l

St David’s Hall was packed for an evening of tribute to Pink Floyd, the lights were in place for the obligatory lighting and video displays and the places set across the stage for the musicians to step up and play tribute to the band that gave the world some fantastic albums that remain part of our collection today. Brit floyd - St david's Hall, Cardiff Nov 2013_0017lTonight was live music, a band covering the music they enjoy to play, much like going to see a classical concert, but there was something missing, personal interpretation that shapes and bends the music so that the artist makes the piece their own. That aside the first half was an excellent show with some great rendition of the music with the videos adding another dimension strengthening the words and adding to the moment. They utilised the circular sync familiar to Floyd fans and the video sequence used to introduce the albums was clever with a person selecting from their collection and putting the side to be played with reverence onto the turntable and carefully placing the needle onto the rotating disc and with that the live music erupted throughout the auditorium. Brit floyd - St david's Hall, Cardiff Nov 2013_0125lThey covered numbers from “The Wall”, “Wish You Were Here” and “Dark Side of The Moon”. Personally I would have left out the “Division Bell” and “Momentary Lapse” which are post-Roger Waters and miss that edge to the lyrics. Brit Floyd appeared to be missing a trick and I would have preferred the inclusion of numbers from that great album “Meddle”, especially ‘Echoes’.Brit floyd - St david's Hall, Cardiff Nov 2013_0013l The re-vamped CGI videos were superb and the 1100 attendees we truly entertained by a group of musicians bringing the music they loved into the St David’s Hall; accessibly live Floyd music. The highlight of the evening for me though was Angela Cervantes rendition of ‘The Great Gig in The Sky’ it was an epic Floyd moment and whatever you think about Tributes this was an entertaining evening delivered by a group of seasoned musicians who love the music they deliver. Brit Floyd truly deliver what they say on the tin a tribute to Pink Floyd.

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