Bristol’s Colston Hall enjoys The Waterboys

WaterboysBristol’s Colston Hall enjoys The Waterboys

Tonight Colston Hall stood in front of The Waterboys and absorbed the music, and freed from seating constraints they danced.
The hall was packed and the stage was warm as the support act had built the evening up, courtesy of Jarrod Dickenson and his band with his own brand of Americana with twists and twirls of Texan beat and blues lap steel and great songs a perfect opening act for The Waterboys.
Now back to Mike Scott and the latest incarnation of The Waterboys, this was live music that entertained from the opening notes of Destinies Entwined and the closing notes before the encore of Long Strange Golden Road both taken from their current album Modern Blues. This was a night for the fans as the music dipped into the back catalogue with fans delighted when a personal favourite was aired across the auditorium and up into the roof space. The music was a cascading flow of high and intense emotions, the sound fell in torrents and then calmed with increasing musical emotion the timing was controlled and yet there was a sparkle of anarchic free spirit in every note played.
The audience participated on Nearest Thing To Hip was delivered with gusto as they sung Shithole! What makes The Waterboys is the combination of Scott’s power with words when singing and in his pithy observations and the mustachioed Steve Wickham and his electric violin added an orchestral layer of texture and tone. This is a band that loves to play the music, Chuck Berry’s Roll Over Beethoven got the feet dancing and re-energised the hall. The Waterboys defy any genre shorthand, personifying why the pigeonholing in to this type of music or another – genres sucks there is good music and bad music (which in reality is music you can’t connect to but someone else will) and then there is music that stands out from the crowd and this was The Waterboys.
Then Scott took to the keys and with Wickham stripped back the sound for Don’t Bang The Drum, the lyrics shimmered and great to hear a reminder from This is the Sea album. The crowded Colston Hall was delighted some were ecstatic with Whole Of The Moon and Medicine Bow. The musicians surrounding Scott were diverse adding a radiant brilliance the Hammond Organ from Memphis Brother Paul had a whirlwind of notes captured and thrown into the mix with bassist David Hood from Muscle Shoals in Alabama added in to the mix with Texan lead guitarist Zach Ernst and from London drummer Ralph Salmins.
The Colston crowd wanted The Waterboys to play all night Bristol wanted more and the three encore numbers appeased but never satisfied as Purple Rain faded away and the hall fell silent and the fans were delighted and excited live music once again had an positive effect on everyone as Bristol’s Colston Hall enjoys The Waterboys once again.

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