Breaking and Entering The Blues with Eliza Neals

Breaking and Entering The Blues with Eliza Neals

Breaking and Entering The Blues with Eliza Neals


Out of Detroit soulful blues that rocks up a tempo of heat Eliza Neals is a tour-de-force. No prima donna, no simpering princess Eliza Neals sings the deep dark blues with a rocking attitude as she grasps the lyrics and squeezes every emotive juice out of them. This is power blues with gritty attitude from Eliza up front and demanding to be heard.

The band around Eliza varies from track to track as she optimizes the hard blues sound she wants on individual tracks, the consistent factors are the power of her vocals and the quality of the musicianship. Kenny Olson guests on You and Southern Comfort Dreams, his electrifying lead breaks have the same raw energy of Eliza. The backing vocals are Eliza reflecting the lead side and these two tracks, especially the soulful You have a shining quality.  With two helpings of the title track early in the album and closing out with a radio edit which are wholly justified.  The title track has howling vocals as she spits and growls out the vocals this is stylish blues from a woman who knows what she wants to deliver Blues-rock that is full of swampy heat and urban street fighting attitude. The radio edit trimmed down still packs a punch and should be heard loud and often from the radio airwaves.  Three tracks in and her vocals rasp and curl around guitar and vocals as Dr Jekyll meets the Hound of The Baskervilles. Add to the dual talents of songwriting and delivering vocals that you have to listen to add adroit finger dancing over the ivories on a number of tracks on Piano and B3 Organ. The boogie Piano of Pretty Gritty adds another texture to a song reflecting Eliza full of blues grit. With Tyrone Grogan adding saxophone to Sugar Daddy the tempo eases off the throttle and Eliza’s vocals gently caress the lyrics. The mix is different reflecting a different set of musicians showing the versatility of Eliza Neals as she manipulates the blues into a shape she wants you to hear.

Breaking and Entering should get Eliza noticed for all the right reasons a blues-woman with power and determined rocking rhythms combined with skillful lyrics contemporary and exciting. File under BluesRock.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Eliza Neals – Breaking and Entering – Independent

Track Listings

  1. Detroit Drive
  2. Breaking and Entering
  3. Jekyll And A Hound
  4. Goo Goo glass
  5. You (Featuring Kenny Olson Guitar)
  6. Pretty Grittty
  7. Southern Comfort Dreams (Featuring Kenny Olson Guitar)
  8. Windshield Wipers
  9. Sugar Daddy
  10. I’m The Girl
  11. Spinning
  12. Breaking and Entering (Radio Edit)


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  1. Thank You for your kind review of “Breaking and Entering” we had a great time during our UK 2016 Tour! We will be back soon to give up the motorcity Detroit Blues-Rock from the city that drives your soul!

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