Brad Wilson ~ Blues Thunder


Brad Wilson ~ Blues Thunder

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A dozen new songs fire up the new album from Brad Wilson which is Blues Thunder. Opening the storm of blues is Is It Any Wonder, with sharp guitar and a voice that croons melodically.  The opening was gentle but you hear the rocked up blues of Brad as Change It Up follows with tumbling keys from Kirk Nelson as the textures develop in a controlled and methodical manner. Tumbleweed Mooney and the harmonica opening sets the rolling rocking blues on Step By Step as the rhythm kicks into action.  The title track paints a picture with the guitar taking command and the words rising and falling would have liked the vocals on this track to be grittier with a harder edge to reflect the energy and power of the guitar.

There is a great Bo Didley inspired track that hums with attitude Let’s Go Barefooting captures every toe tapping moment. The opening drums from Amrik Sanghu has a beat that determines the howling vocals of Cool Runnin’ on an album that flows from ballads to blues and then a swirl of rock. Black Coffee at Sunrise, will fill the dance-floor; everyone will want to pick up the Rock n’ Roll vibe and Jive!

The final track Never Again is a signature of what makes Brad Wilson perform capturing the essence of the album, Blues Thunder, searing guitar that stings with the vocals gently washing over the rhythm.

Blues Thunder is a good blues album, packed full of quality licks and hooks. Yet, it never really harnesses the potential of the stormy blues rock that you feel this band could deliver. The music is just too controlled, the reins need to be slackened so the power can let free the energy blues can deliver. There is no argument that Blues Thunder is an accomplished album dripping with style from the first note to the final beat.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Is It Any Wonder
  2. Change It Up
  3. Blue Shadows
  4. Step by Step
  5. Blues Thunder
  6. Let’s Go Barefootin’ it
  7. My Faith Has Been Broken
  8. Cool Runnin’
  9. Home
  10. Black Coffee At Sunrise
  11. Sugar Sweet
  12. Never Again

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