Bluesdoodles Checking Out The Bristol Guitar Show 2018

In its second year now, The Bristol Guitar Show is the place to be in the South West for anyone with a passing interest or burning passion for all things guitar. Taking place at Ashton Gate home to Bristol City FC, guitar dealers, manufacturers, magazines et al pack out a large area of the stadium with their wares. It’s not just all about the playing, buying and selling, but performances and workshops feature also. This year local blues/rockabilly guitarist Ruzz Evans and his band (pictured below) who is endorsed by Gretsch guitars, gave a workshop and live performance in the afternoon before heading out to the USA on tour…

Bluesdoodles Checking Out The Bristol Guitar Show 2018
Ruzz Evans Guitar Blues Revue


Bluesdoodles were delighted to be invited to such an event and we took along the talented guitarist Rob Crooks of The Kirris Riviere Blues Band, who are always in demand in Bristol, to pick out his favourites of the show… Check out the dates over at Facebook or Twitter

 Gretsch White Falcon 1978

Bluesdoodles Checking Out The Bristol Guitar Show 2018
Gretsch White Falcon 1978 Close UP


ATB Guitars is a well renowned and respected vintage dealer with a recently newly opened showroom in Cheltenham. ATB has a penchant for special guitars which are all carefully picked and hand chosen for the discerning player or collector. Mike Long, the owner of ATB Guitars, speaks of the Falcon’s condition:


“This one is from 1978 which I bought from the original owner’s widow. It’s in beautiful condition with hardly a mark on it anywhere. It comes with the original purchase receipt, all the provenance, all the original paperwork and its original case with the wonderful green lining. The gold is hardly worn at all and the finish is still white which is a rarity as often they turn yellow over time. It’s quite rare to find a specimen as good as this.”

Find out more:  over at ATB Guitars


Gibson ES-345 1969

With Gibson in the press of late and for sad reasons with a part of their business filing for bankruptcy, it was only fitting that Rob picked out a model from their heyday and happier times. This 1969 ES-345 is in very good condition with all original parts, hard case and very reasonably priced at £3495.

Rob’s demo of this great guitar below:

Find out more:


Radioshop Chris Buck Signature ID Strat Pickups

Bluesdoodles Checking Out The Bristol Guitar Show 2018
Radioshop Chris Buck Signatory Pick Ups

Welsh guitarist Chris Buck of Buck and Evans has been making a name for himself in guitar circles for a few years now. He’s known for a wide breadth of dynamics in his playing and Radioshop have forged a set of pickups that suit every nuance of his playing. Creator (dare we say mad professor!) and Radioshop owner Paul John Best had this to say about the set…

“This set is a vintage flavoured Strat pickup with an Alnico 5 magnets just like the 50’s and 60’s spec but has a reduced wax potting unlike those which gives them more of a dynamic range. That’s why we call it ID as in ‘Increased Dynamics’. The idea with other pickups is that you usually have to wax pot due to breakages so what we have done is devised a way of leaving the inner core unpotted and just pot the outer part. The result of that is when you really dig in you get more back from the response of the string. They really suit any player but particularly those who like dynamics in their playing from changing it up between using a pick to their fingers or a combination of the two. Chris Buck is such a great player and these really suit his style of playing. We approached Chris when we had the idea, he loved it so went to work, we all couldn’t be happier with the result and anyone who has tried them out have bought into them right away, like your friend Rob giving them a spin now!”

Check out the close up of the pickups and Rob’s demo below:

Find out more follow the link Radioshop Pickups

The Bristol Guitar Show will return in 2019 with organiser Ken Dixon saying: “It’s been a great day, it’s been a busy day with a lot of people back to the show from last year and a lot of new people. We’ve had great live music with Ruzz Evans and his band who managed to squeeze us in before their dates in the USA and the guys from Blackstar Amplification demoing gear were great. It’s been a super show and we’ll be back next so do come along and check us out.”

Bluesdoodles thanks Ken Dixon and his team for the welcoming hospitality, all we spoke with and Rob Crooks for his demos. Rob and Bluesdoodles agreed it was a good job we left our wallets at home!

To Check out The Bristol Guitar Show 2019 – Take A Visit HERE




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