Blues ‘N’ Trouble – Try Anything Twice

Try Anything Twice by Blues ‘N’ Trouble Moonbeam Music(MB012)

blues n trouble

From the first note you know this is a blues album that will delight everyone who enjoys high-energy R’n’B with its mix of five classic covers and eight original songs that never stray from the track. This is safe blues music taking you back to a bygone age; that makes you smile, want to kick off your shoes and dance and then listen again. This is a band that has honed its style over years on the road and recording numerous studio albums, delivering their own take on the good time blues and boogie mix. Tim Elliott’s vocals are strong on every track and with his distinctive harp sound adds tonal depth and clarity to the tracks such as ‘Cadillac’. ‘Money’s Tight’ is a slower beat with great boogie piano, and lyrics that are so relevant today they resonate with the feelings of many and show that R’n’B is still the perfect idiom to connect with people; this is a clever track that is written by Sandy Tweedale, whose guitar and backing vocals shine throughout, and particularly in ‘Try Anything Twice’. This is a studio album that has a live feeling due to the fact that on every track you can hear that these boys from Livingstone are having a great time and want you to have one as well. There is no doubt that this is a cracking album – it is a great clean sound delivering that high tempo feel-good feeling that makes it a great CD for driving to, partying to and definitely when firing up the BBQ this is a hot album full of fun. As the guys say on the title track… this is the real McCoy.

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