Blues is the Truth for Guy King

Blues is the Truth for Guy King

Blues is the Truth for Guy King

Guy King, has blues deep in the Chicago vein, there is no playing with the formula of blues played soulfully, with moody emotion and the jazz infused horns. This is blues tried and tested on his fourth release. The album is full of style and sophistication this is blues that has a steely cold determination. There is a minimalist approach with the space to shape the notes pull out the chord and then to reflect with shades of silence.

Opening Truth with cool chords from the keys his guitar shimmers and picks up the beat this is blues that is shaped by the soulful tone Guy King creates. Truth is slower a title track that is a simmering pot of vocals that curl around the strings and horns shaping in sinewy form. Music stripped bare of unnecessary embellishments. This is a track for when the night slows down and dawn approaches not for white heat of party-time.

Guy King hails from Israel and is now gaining attention in Chicago where this bluesman has naturally based himself. This is a minimalist big-band sound which he rules over as you can hear on Johnny Guitar Watson’s It’s About The Dollar Bill. The guitar has a waspish sting that hits the mark every time.
Blues is the Truth for Guy King as he shares fifteen tracks with you including four Curtis Mayfield & Ray Charles tracks among the mix that also includes Cropper/Covay’s See Saw. Hidden are three originals that fit the mix perfectly, Truth, My Happiness and A Day In the Life Of The Blues co-written with David Ritz.

The energy flows with a funky swing-time number Cookin In Style and the instrumentation is music that is cooking up all the right notes. King Thing is blues guitar with a Guy King edge he makes the sound his own and the harmonizing with the keys makes for an interesting listen. An instrumental that gives time for the sax, keys and guitar to explore the notes shaping them into the groove that is deep and clean. Closing with One Hundred Ways the album flows seamlessly through the numbers that had a clean cut edge. There is nowhere to hide the timing and vocalisation has to be perfect when the embellishments are stripped back. This is the back bone of the blues given an outing that makes for a very pleasant listen.

If you want blues that has been twisted and re-formed around the trunk of modernity, truth is not for you. BUT if your style is big band jazz infused Chicago Blues, then Truth by Guy King and also for your collection back home. Enjoy chilling out with the guitar and vocals that have a sense of style this is perfect for those downtime moments.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Guy King – Truth – Delmark

Track Listing

1. The Same Thing That Can Make You Laugh (Can Make You Cry)
2. Truth
3. My Happiness
4. It’s About The Dollar Bill
5. A Day In A Life With The Blues
6. Cookin’ In Style
7. See Saw
8. Hey Now
9. I Gotta Sing The Blues
10. There Must Be A Better World Somewhere
11. King Thing
12. Bad Case of Love
13. Something’s Wrong
14. If The Washing Don’t Get Done (The Rinsing Will)
15. One Hundred Ways

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