Blues Engine are on the Right Blues Tracks

Blues Engine are on the Right Blues Tracks

Blues Engine are on the Right Blues Tracks



Second albums are always a difficult journey to take. Following on From Quick & Dirty; Blues Engine  are on the right Blues Tracks with number two. Tracks definitely consolidates this London-based band Blues credential

Opening with a measured soulfully melodic Drop Dead Ugly, the reverse of what the title may have suggested, definitely gentle rather than dirty blues.  As you step on board the eleven musical detours the Blues Engine are taking us on Tracks. The vocals of Katya Chernyakova are full of luscious textures that are reflected back by the considered guitar work of Alex Cooray. The juxta positioning of crisp and soft, sweet and sour are a signature of Blues Engine giving the blues a contemporary edge whilst still full of tradition. The ten originals and a single cover keeps you entertained and engaged as the Tracks widen out with Gunnysack John, harder edge faster tempo and juicy harp from guest Nick Payne. It is the rhythm section that keeps this ditty on the right track curling towards its destination with beat that is sustained and clear the combination of new drummer Hamish Burchell & bassist Alexander K Liutai. The tracks meander with a gentle flow of the blues picking up a Latino vibe on Lonely By Your Side full of warmth, the quartet are having fun exploring the tempos that mix up the blues. Opening with deep rumbling bass Boatman’s Blues takes us down the river with Alex on guitar raising the tone and Katya hitting the mid-range this is a sad song full of blues wistfulness.

Closing out with their version of Jimmy Cox’s Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out; leaving you with blues chiming as the sound fades. Having reached the end one track resonates as the star it is a Peter Green infused, British Blues number Tell Me A Riddle. Slow, thoughtful, melodies that suit the tonal range of Blues Engine.

What stops this album being outstanding is difficult to pinpoint. Every track is true to the sound Blues Engine creates. It is an album you would return to and smile and joy the sharp blues of Tracks that glint like well-cut Sapphire, reflecting out and beyond the scope of electric blues.  Missing, it is a cutting edge, the dirty tones of blues and stories that really shout for attention. That said Tracks certainly never goes off the rails under the hands of Blues Engine.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Drop Dead Ugly
  2. Mamma Don’t Know
  3. Gunnysack John
  4. Tell Me A Riddle
  5. Lonely By Your Side
  6. House On The Hill
  7. Boatman’s Blues
  8. I Ain’t Sorry (And I’d Do It Again)
  9. Spellbound
  10. Keep Lovin’ (‘Til The Love Runs Out)
  11. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

Blues Engine are on the Right Blues Tracks





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